The “I’ve Only Got 5 Minutes” Makeup Routine!

Hey Everyone!

We’ve all been there. Your Mom or significant other is yelling at the door, “Come down now, we’re going to be late!” and you’ve just woken up wondering why your alarm clock refused to go off this morning. That, or you’re just plain lazy and want to just slap on something quick before you head out. Whatever the reason, when we don’t have the time to look like a celebrity, here’s a simple make-up look you can do before heading out.

All you need is..well not much. I decided to skip the eye-shadows, contouring and powder saving me lots of time. But enough talk, let’s go. The first step is to use a decent BB cream, not foundation since BB creams in my opinion look more natural and like your skin and with this amount of time, you don’t want to worry about color matching and a thick mask. I’ve been using the Bobbi Brown BB cream quite frequently because I don’t have to worry about the color either. If you live in a humid country, you might want to take two seconds to put on some powder especially if you’re out for a while!

Skip your eye-shadow and grab a pencil liner. Simply first line your tight line and waterline. If you want a bit more drama, I go ahead and line minimally my lid line as well with a tiny wing. If what you’re using is water proof and there are some boys you want to impress at the gym, then you can do this liner for a gym workout too.

Probably what makes a look fresh is the color on your lips and cheeks. I’ve been loving the Clinique Chubby Stick lately for it’s color and also how smooth and slick it is. I can’t wait to do a review soon! I’m wearing “mega melon” and I feel that peach is such a no-brainer, just grab-and-go color because it will always match whereas there are so many undertones of pink! Go for a natural dusty pink blush and you’re set!

I decided to do my blush last so that my foundation/bb cream can set first since I decided to skip the powder. Now go downstairs and I hope you’re not late! This is also a great makeup look for the office, school, uni or a simple lunch out without the fuss.

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