Oh, How I’ve Grown..on YouTube

Hey Everyone,

I admit, I watch my own videos. And although somewhat narcissistic that may sound, I guess my only explanation is that I only make videos that I like and to be totally honest with you, it’s so funny to see yourself three years ago as compared to now. So I thought it would be fun to show you a little timeline of my first video to what I’ve become (dundundun) so you can have a few laughs.

April 2009, My very first video on YouTube! Forgive me for my lack of lighting skills. I propped my really bad digital camera on a tissue box and a couple of text books to film this after I got home.

This is my first review, that has now 80,000 views of the Queen Mint Julep Mask. I guess they liked seeing my totally green face. I look so YOUNG. Is that me? roseannetangrs productions…yes, a leading film maker.

And of course, who could forget my Everyday Minerals phase? Filming this video was such a pain. I remember having to wash my face so many times after each turn. Hard work baby! I finally got the light right.

And then I graduated High School and went to college and continued with my YouTube Channel. Here’s my dorm room tour from three years ago, my first few weeks of Uni. I didn’t know I was that soft spoken, what happened to me! Rawr!

Introducing my very first NARS, MAC, Lush haul. My very first NARS, very first M.A.C product. Oh my gosh, girl if you could see me now, I would hide in a hole. You have no idea, baby.

And then…I hauled, and hauled and hauled some more. And hauled again. This one is with my best friends Danielle haha. Good times.

I started to get better I guess and more informative…My most viewed video is this one!

And even did some self-help! I’m glad I put this baby up, reading the comments makes me wanna cry ;(

Started to get a little adventrous with tutorials and practicing my acting skills. I miss all my friends back in Melbourne, we teamed up and did an Alice in Wonderland collaboration! (Possibly my most embarassing video)

Yes, even Kim Kardashian.

I know right. It’s like YouTube is my diary and you can see how I grew, how different I was just three years ago! Now the channel is reaching nearly 16,000 subscribers! So exciting :) Thank you to everyone for their support, you all have been so awesome and for those who have stuck with me since the first video, I salute you! If you didn’t know I had a YouTube channel, then GURL you gotta get on the bandwagon: http://www.youtube.com/roseannetangrs <—-Subscribe!

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xx Roseanne

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