Wet N’ Wild Tutorial: Green with Envy

Hey Everyone!

Whether it’s that girl who’s flirting with the guy of your dreams or even the color you turn when you watch MTV cribs, we’ve all been there. Green with Envy. Although jealousy isn’t particularly a good feeling, it sure makes for good inspiration for a look. Today, I’ll be showing you how to do a standard green smokey eye in the natural way but most of all, show you how to use the Wet N’ Wild Color Icon Palette in Comfort Zone. I mean, I reckon it’s pretty simple already since it does label the colors for you but I’m sure you’ve yet to see those shadows in action – whether it’s the pigmentation or blendability that has stolen the limelight. Nontheless, I hope you enjoy the tutorial!

Step 1: Start with a primer. Whoever said you didn’t need a primer hasn’t had the fortunate chance of using one. You need a primer for any eye-look because the colors with a primer appear at least twice as vivid and sometimes more importantly in Singapore’s weather, it helps the shadows stay on your lids for much longer. I’m using the Urban Decay Primer Potion, depotted in a little jar.

Gently tap and then blend onto your lids. Don’t put too much primer because it will cake on your lids and look pretty awful. Less is more.

Step 2: Sometimes I think that a blending brush is the only eye-shadow brush I’ll ever need. The fluff off the brush is enough to pick up just the right amount of color and it has a dual purpose of blending and depositing the shadow on the lid. Grab the light and pale green, or any pale green in your collection.

Gently sweep the color over the lids. All over the lids is where you want to keep this color.

Step 3: Like all smokey eye looks, it’s time to grab the darker color. Pick up a dark forrest green. This is where the blending brush comes in really handy. If you were to use a normal paddle eyeshadow brush, you would be picking up too much color. With a dark shadow like this, it would look more like a liner. However, using a blending brush to pick up a color like this makes it easier to make that desired gradation and almond shaped eye.

Start in the outer corner and work inwards into the crease. Blend accordingly.

Step 4: Time to use a definer. I think the colors on the Wet N’ Wild palettes are absolutely gorgeous. They aren’t just simple colors that are plain green or plain dark green. They’re quite complex. This definer for example is a gray blue purple sparkle and it is absolutely gorgeous. Being a definer doesn’t give it too much justice so feel free to use it as a main component to your look. To integrate this, I just used a pencil brush to do some lining.

Simply line your eyes with this shadow.
You’ll get something that looks like this.
Step 5: if you’re gearing towards more of a natural looking, look, skip this step. But, if you like your liners, take a gel liner and line your lids as you would normally.


I always like the standard winged tip to enlogate the eyes.
To line your waterline, use the same definer shade and use the pencil brush to conveniently line your waterline.
Step 6: Don’t forget your mascara! One of my personal favourites is defintely the Benefit Bad Gal Lash. This mascara is amazing. You could use false lashes for this look but I always find those things quite uncomfortable personally so I’m usually just fine with my own lashes.
That Shu-Uemura eye-lash curler has been curling my lashes for three years now, unbelievable right?
The perfect way to do mascara is to take the wand at start at the roots of your lashes after you curl them and work the mascara upwards in a zig zag motion that seperates, curles and elongates the lashes. Whoops! Look at that mess!
Once you fill in your brows and you’re finished! If you don’t like that cut color look, just use a clean blending brush to blend the color along the line.
I’m sure you can judge for yourself just how wonderful these shadows are! I love this palette so much and thank Eliza for adding it in our swap!
Hope you liked the tutorial! What’s your favourite palette?