What is the Difference between a BB Cream and a Foundation?

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Here’s a question that I get often and something that I remember being confused with back when I first started getting into BB Creams and that is this:

What is the Difference between a BB Cream and a Foundation?

Simple. There are many differences. A BB cream can be used as a make-up base or a very sheer foundation at best. It’s major selling point is that it is a make-up and skincare product, so it tends to have more skincare benefits than a liquid foundation does. It also provides less coverage.

Therefore, a bb cream and foundation differs most in these areas:

1. Coverage – BB creams provide less coverage than can a liquid foundation. It’s better for those don’t-feel-like-wearing make-up days or if you have flawless skin.

2. Skin-care benefits – BB creams are likely to provide more skin-care benefits, usually with the addition of specific ingredients to hydrate or repair your skin whereas a liquid foundation is just make-up.

3. Color Range – BB creams have very limited color ranges – usually 1 or 2 shades – that are in the fair color range – NC25 and below. Liquid foundations tend to have 5 to 10 shades available. You should also be careful of BB cream undertones which tend to be pink instead of yellow based that can make you look a little ashy.

4. Application – BB creams are best applied with your fingers. Simply dot a little bit of the product all over the face and pat the product into the skin with your fingers until you have a flawless face. Liquid foundations can be applied with stippling brushes, paddle brushes, kabukis or your own fingers. For more foundation applications methods, check this post out: 5 Awesome Ways to Apply Your Foundation

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Hope you found this helpful!

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