My Organic Hair Colour Experience with Organic Hair Professional – Booked with Tab A Salon!

Hey Everyone!

It’s that time of the month again! Time to touch up my roots and give my hair a new revamp of color. I simply loved my experience at Organic Hair Professional so I decided to give them another visit to see how well their organic hair dyes perform. I mean, I’ve never tried an organic hair dye before, much less knew they actually existed. Smelling strong chemical laden hair dyes have always been the norm so I was really excited for this visit! By the way, I also just wanted to share with you how I book my appointments – it’s through this nifty website called Tab a Salon at!


Exclusively on Tab a Salon website, there is an expert corner where you can ask any beauty-related queries you may have. There’s also another section on featured salons and stylists too!


It’s a great place to book your appointments for your favourite salons and even discover new ones. If your nail salon is always booked, you can hop onto tab a salon and find one that’s closer to where you live. Not just nails either – they have everything from hair salons to make up services! It’s really easy to use so I thought I would do a little walkthrough on how to use it! First, go ahead and simply log on to!



When you land on the site, make sure you make an account or you can sign in with Facebook! Go sign up for a free account with Tab a Salon now and stand a chance to win $17,000 worth of beauty treatments at  Don’t miss out on the deal!


When you land on the site, make sure you make an account or you can sign in with facebook! Then you can narrow down your search by selecting what services you’re looking for, the location, even the name of your salon and the date of your desired appointment! Click search when you’re done!


You’ll end up with a list of locations of that particular salon and even the services that the salon provides! Super handy.


Then click on your desired location and you can actually choose your stylist that you usually work with! My stylist at Organic Hair Professional is Kim! It’s so handy that they have the prices there to see as well so you can compare services too!


Then after selecting your stylist, choose your appointment time and services desired. You can also make small comments like other treatments you want along with your treatment and even if this appointment is for yourself or for somebody else.


Then submit it and you’re finished! A confirmation email will email you once your appointment is confirmed. It’s really a great internet booking site for beauty salons here in Singapore and you should for sure check it out!


So at 1pm on Nov. 12, just like how I booked it on, I showed up at the salon in need of hair help! So here’s my icky before picture with my roots showing and uneven colour. I’ll probably never get highlights again. It makes my hair look really artificial and I just wanted even colour that looks natural.


I still wanted about the same shade of brown though. I’m really not experimental and I’m pretty sure I’ll never go purple or hot pink. Kim mixed this up and as he was stirring, I asked – “Is that organic?” and he said “of course!” and let me smell it. I was expecting that gross strong hair dye smell but seriously, it was odourless basically. If anything it smelled kinda like grass for some reason. Amazing. I was like, yes, put that on my hair please.


So on it went! They did a really thorough job making sure that every section was completely covered with the dye. Kim could tell I had did a box dye earlier to cover my roots because it was uneven at the back. Oopsies.


Super even and really well done. I felt as if every strand was covered in the dye. Despite colouring my roots brown from black, the dye didn’t hurt like it usually does. When you bleach your hair, it usually hurts or stings near your roots but I really didn’t feel anything. If anything, it felt really cool and refreshing. By the way, there was no smell guys, none at all! I was like breathing clean air.


I texted my boyfriend saying “Today I got ceramwrapped”, and I did! Haha. Kim ceramwrapped the do and put this heated aerator rotator thing that looked like it was from a sci fi movie on. It basically ensures that my colour is even.


After the colouring process, it was off for a shampoo, rinse and condition! Then I had a blow-dry!


Even after the blow-dry, my hair looked like it underwent a treatment. My hair looked so much healthier and happy..and even! My friends keep telling me that my hair looks natural and not overdone. It doesn’t look like a dye, but kind of like I was born with the colour! (I wish).


Of course it was time to jazz it up with a few curls – my favourite part. It makes everything look classic and glamorous!


Ta-Da! Finito! I love my new hair! Thank you Organic Hair Professional, you did it again! By the way, do check out – it’s really a great way to book your appointments online and discover new salons really easily! By the way, the Tab a Salon mobile app will be launched real soon to make it easier for you!


Hope you liked this post and let me know if you have any questions! Do follow me on instagram @roseannetangrs to keep updated ;)

Love, Roseanne