November 12, 2013

Events Round-Up! Lush Singapore, Benefit Agent Zero Shine, Sephora Holiday Press Event

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Hey Everyone!


Today I thought I’d share some of that fun stuff in my events round-up. If you aren’t familiar, I do attend events quite often to see what’s new and trendy! With the holidays around the corner, you’re probably wondering what to get for your best friend or sister. Here’s a great guide to just that! The first event was with LUSH cosmetics. LUSH has been here in Singapore for not more than a few years and is a popular fun and natural soap and body care haven.


As you know, I’m a huge LUSH fan. I remember in college when I would go to LUSH at least once a week in Melbourne and always walk out with a new soap or face mask. I just loved how fun everything is. It just made me really happy to have one of their products! So going to this event was kind of a blast from the past! We had the honor of previewing LUSH’s fine ensemble for the holidays. I mean look at all those gift boxes? BTW they have the most beautifully wrapped gifts! They come in all shapes and sizes and colors! Super duper love.


They also have a brand new and quite huge selection for the holidays. I can only show you a few but you’ll have to drop by at the LUSH store to discover all of the new and limited edition products for the holidays. Here’s a sneek peek though! Star Light Star Bright is a bath melt with softening cocoa and shea butter and refreshing ginger and zesty lime. Crushing the star under running water leaves a silvery luster spread across the water in a magical trail of starlight!  Sandy Santa is a sugar scrub with added coconut oil and butters! Sugar and sand add the gentle polishing effect and it is fragranced with toning Brazillian orange oil! Lord of Misrule is a bath bomb featuring Fair Trade vanilla absolute. If you allow this bath ballistic to dissolve, it leaves a wine coloured centre. Popping candy represents the atmosphere that the Lord of Misrule would have created!


I like how LUSH doesn’t just stop at making you clean and smell nice, it’s really all about the experience too! Here’s a sneek peek inside a bath ballistic called Golden Wonder that looks just like a present! It has a champagne like fragrance of sweet orange oil, cognac oil and lime oil that will uplift your spirits! Cracking it open reveals the surprise inside! There is also a LUSH spa in other parts of the world where they take these products and give you the entire experience in a spa including, lights, mist and music that go along with the bath ballistics!

“Invented by Mo Constantine OBE in 1987. The Bath Ballistic is often imitated, but none compare to the original. Each one is formulated with the finest ingredients and essential oils to cleanse both the mind and body. This Christmas, instead of glitter we have added popping candy, edible lustres and agar jelly stars and shapes for spectacular bathing. Simply drop into a ready run, warm bath and watch as it fizzes around the tub with abandonment, emitting its goodness into the water.”


And I got to walk away with all these goodies! Thanks LUSH Singapore! I have a big bottle of Rose Jam in my shower now because it’s like such a beautiful mix of honey and rose. I also have Golden Wonder that I’ll use the next time I’m on a holiday with a bath tub and Orange Jelly soap which smells just like orange soda! Of course the iconic Snow Fairy is something that I love and it smells like bubblegum! Yum!


I also had the chance to preview Benefit Cosmetic’s latest product – the Benefit Agent Zero Shine! It’s a mattifying touch-up powder that I’ve been using and liking very much. It will only be available next year though!


The Benefit Porefessional Agent Zero Shine is the sister of the Benefit Porefessional Primer. It has really smart packaging and small enough to fit in your purse.


When it’s time to touch up, just take the cap off the top and use it as a container for the powder. Just like baby powder, twist the cap and shake out some of the powder into the cap!


Then take out the retractable fluffy brush from the bottom and dust the powder all over including your t-zones. I love this. The brush is fluffy and soft so don’t worry about it going on the itchy and scratchy show. The powder is great too and one of the finest formulas I’ve tried. It really does not only mattify your complexion, but also make it absolutely flawless. For sure something to check out when it comes out early next year!


I’ve also been appointed one of Sephora’s beauty ambassadors in a programme called The Beautiful Ones! This allows me exclusive access to their media events such as the Sephora Holiday Press Event 2013!


It was so exciting because it’s a huge beauty exhibition with booths from your favourite brands available at Sephora! Here’s a just a sneek peek of what’s in store and gift-worthy this holiday season. I don’t know about you but one of the greatest feelings is stepping into Sephora and just discovering what’s in store so I don’t want to ruin the ending for you!


But here’s a sneek peek! It’s a Too Faced iPhone! I fell in love with this the moment I saw it and it’s so adorable. After you’re done, you can just use the case behind on your own iPhone! The top flips open so that you can use the shadows just like a flip phone!


And an exciting announcement! Tarte is coming to Singapore! I have a huge haul of Tarte cosmetics so I can’t wait to use it and give my reviews!


Hope you liked this post! I guess it’s here where I start apologising for the fun sized break I had from the blog! I’ve just been caught up in a lot of work (which is a great thing being on your own). On Saturday, I did make-up and hair for 6 girls non-stop for bridesmaids and yesterday night, I did another 4 for a DND at the St. Regis for a Brazillian company! The week’s not over yet either! Hope you’re well! Oh and please follow me on instagram @roseannetangrs to keep updated. I’m posting fun pictures of my stash daily :)





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