Tangspiration: Show your life who’s boss.

Hey Everyone,

They say that your experiences in life are shaped by the way you see the world. A simple task like walking can feel difficult and tiring if you see it that way but come to think of it, all you’re really doing is lifting up your foot and putting it down. That’s not hard is it? Life is simply how you see it.

My older sister came back for Christmas and the whole family decided to go to Bangkok. It was a great trip. I remember after a really long day at Chatuchuk, the famous and ridiculoulsy large shopping market, my sister complained that she had a migraine. We had to sit at a random hotel lobby and wait till she felt better, something I didn’t mind doing but for me, it was silly. I told my sister to look at me and tell her migraine to buzz off. Simply put, show your headache who is boss. You are boss, and your headache will only get worse if you bow down to it. Your headache is for that moment controlling you by making you feel like absolute crap ( It’s my blog, and I can say bad words, thats right). But what if you got up and decided, “Nah, No way, I decide what I want to feel like and you, my headache, ain’t gonna stop me”. What if you stood up and told yourself, “I’m not going to have any of this, I don’t care, you can hurt all you want but I’m not going to stop my life for you”. “You’re insignificant” – Β show em who’s boss. I told my sister that, she did it, and ten minutes later, it was gone.

Perhaps as they say, it was all in her head. But what if you took that mentality and applied it to your life right now. You might have just gone through a break-up and you could be feeling things you feel like you can never escape. Tell yourself that you’re not going to stop your life for this, show your feelings who’s boss. After all, they’re just a bunch of chemical reactions and hormones your brain produces. That’s what a feeling is. It’s a chemical reaction, nothing more. You might be going through a tight time in your life right now. Stress from work, stress from personal life – making it hard to muster up any energy at all to do what you have to do. I’m there. But you know what I tell myself? I put my foot on the ground and with each step I take, Step 1: “Take”, Step 2: “That”, Step 3: “B***”. All together now, “Take That, B***”. Works like a charm. You know why? Because I’m the only one who is in control of my life. I choose how I want to feel, how I want to think, and who I want to become. And you know what? You have exactly the same power.

Show your life who is boss because you are the only one who can.