Want a $428 Facial for only $68? – My Touche Elite Experience


I was kindly contacted by Pearlin http://www.reviewantiaging.com to attend a facial sponsored by Touche Elite at the Orchard Hotel Shopping Arcade! Read on to see how you can get this $428 facial for only $68 – for Singapore Only! This is NOT a contest, the discount is a giveaway, anyone who mentions the password will get the promotion, you don’t even have to win! Read on!

WARNING: This post is not for the faint hearted. Think excessive stress, chocolate and a post-exam face and that’s what you get. You might think, on Youtube, she looks flawless but babe it’s the camera. Here, the lights don’t lie – unfortunately. I guess I could have very well not have taken pictures of my naked face, but that would defeat the purpose of an informative post.

About Touche Elite

This is a Singapore based spa that does anything beauty – from facials to massages to slimming to pedicures and manicures. Originally just Touche outlets, Touche Elite offers more exclusive facials including antioxidant grape and others that original Touche outlets do not provide. They’ve been at it for more than 8 years which makes them pretty much at the expert status.

Touche Elite is equipped with two skin analysis rooms, a number of private rooms and even rooms for couples, jacuzzis and even a steam sauna. It’s a lot bigger than you think! A hotspot for local stars and even a local celebrity was there in fact! I forgot the name but he was from Triple 9!

The Microscope Never Lies..Oh dear:

Wearing layers of makeup won’t let you escape the truth. The Derma-scopic skin diagnosis is a tool

that dermatologists use to analyze the status of your skin that’s transmitted onto a tv screen so

you can see exactly what you can’t see with the human eye.

My skin was hydrated but needed loads of collagen. Unlike my forearm which when analysed had a criss-crossed pattern, the skin on my face didn’t have the pattern at all. This is when you start worrying.

Being my first facial ever, I was breifed on the treatments I would receive including the Diamond Peel, Radio Frequency and Collagen treatments. It sounded like a load of dermalogical gibberish at first but when executed, it all made sense so let’s go!

Here is my wonderful facialist with her Diamond Peel machine on the lower right hand corner and the room on the upper left hand corner where it all took place. I was led to one of the private spaces, roomy, with calming piano music playing quietly in the background and dimmed lighting. It was pretty much luxury in a little room!

Time to remove my makeup. My insecurities basically melted as she massaged my face to remove and melt the makeup. Super cooling and yes, you can wear makeup to a facial. Just remember to bring your makeup after in case you have any additional appointments!

The first treatment that was given was the Diamond Peel treatment. This treatment sort of feels like a little vacuum sucking all the impurities and mainly dead skin cells on your face to reduce the size of your pores and to exfoliate it. Basically, ditch the store bought exfoliators and time for a professional one. It feels like a comb on your skin, I imagine it to be like those fish in the fish spa. It doesn’t hurt, but there is a bit of discomfort at times. If you take a look at the head of the tube, the metal rough looking donut is the exfoliator and the air sucks in to the tube so it acts as a vacuum too.

Can you see the difference? With the diamond peel, my pores are a lot smaller and that side of the face is a lot less greasy.

I didn’t like the next thing they did. It was the dreaded extraction. You take a little rod with a hoop at the end and you pressed down on all your zits to squeeze it all out baby. This HURTS. When you ask her, does it hurt and she says, just a little..she’s just trying to make you feel better. But, no pain, no gain. No really, mega ouch. Don’t worry though, soothing green tea pads await you after to take away any redness and then even then, the pain only lasts while she’s extracting, nothing after.

Radio-frequency (RF) treatment, this is the star of the show.

What is the RF Treatment?

It’s the latest break-through technology as it acts to activate the skin, fats, and muscle tissues at the celluarl level to improve vitality to yoru skin. It uses radio waves but don’t worry its FDA approved, super safe, and it just acts to raise the temperature of your tissues to shrink exisitng collagen that tightens the overlying skin. It regenerates collagen, diminishes the size of your chin, lifts skin, takes cares of open pores, is antispectic, defines facial contours, heals scars. Basically everything! It’s really interesting because no one was allowed to touch me during the treatment or they might get a little electric shock and it went for 10 minutes at a time.

Basically its a wand with three metal balls that feels like a nice warm massage. There were a few uncomfortable pricks now and  then but overall it was quite relaxing. She did one side of my face and the results were dramatic! The fat on my chin was reduced (and I had so much of it due to my exam eating habits) on the side that the treatment was done while the other side remained a little saggy (ew gross). Awesome!

After the radio frequency treatment, I got a nice Collagen mask and even a neck mask, given a good shoulder massage and left to rest for 20 minutes in a dark room, relaxing music playing in the background..oh yea.

But, don’t worry, you can get the same thing! Look below..

It is really expensive. Man, $428 is a lot of money. That’s like half a Louis Speedy.

Thus, you can get it at only $68, if you are a roseannebeauty blog reader. All you have to do is comment with “enter me” so that I can check to see if you are a blog reader/ follower and I’ll give you the PASSWORD for your exclusive facial so you can have that melting moment in that calming dark lit room – For Singapore Only.

Some information regarding the facial you will be receiving:

ELITE Radio Frequency Skin Rejuvenating Treatment (UP $428) @ $68

–    Clinical Derma-Scopic Skin Diagnosis

–    Radio Frequency Skin Rejuvenating Treatment

–    Radio Frequency Eye Treatment

Utilizing revolutionary FDA-approved radio frequency waves in medic-aesthetic treatments, to activate skin & muscle tissues at cellular level for optimal aesthetic correction, rejuvenation and improvement to uplift & firm, diminish wrinkles and define facial contours.

Where at?

TOUCHE Elite 6221 6612
442 Orchard Road #01-13 Orchard Hotel Shopping Arcade Singapore 238879

Terms & Conditions:

– Valid for first time customers aged 21 years and above only

– Strictly for residents of Singapore only

– Advance booking is required

– Please present I/C for verification purposes

– Not valid with other offers, services and promotions

– treatment(s) must be done on a single vist

– The management reserves the right to change the above conditions without prior notice

– Valid till 30th Sept. 2010

Remember to message me for this great opportunity to experience a professional facial, and I’ll give you the password, make sure you book your appointment in advance while mentioning the password!

IF you wish to follow anonymously – I can’t private message you on this blog, so you should send an email to roseannetangrs@gmail.com or when you comment, please give me your email so I can email you the password :) xx Sorry for the complication :)

xx Roseanne