A Mask Better than SKII?? Leaders Clinic Haul!


This is a bit overdue on my terms but the first week I was back, I had a nice lunch with Virginia who distributes Leaders Clinic products to Singapore at Cedele (one of my favourite places to eat – Chicken and Wild Mushroom Soup to die for and their Mushroom and Feta Tart). She thought I might be interested in trying a few of their products out to give my own opinion about their masks and things so here’s your informational haul :)

About Leaders Clinic:

Leaders Clinic Clinie is a very popular skincare company in Korea, formed by a group of well-known Korean dermatologists who created their own mark in the skincare company scene. In fact, they’re so popular that they average about 500,000 masks sold monthly and are undoubtedly the hottest clinical brand in Korea. Not only Korea either – it’s loved in Japan, China and Hong Kong and I managed to snap a picture yesterday when I was in Hong Kong at Mannings (Guardian):

There they are!

And their most well known product are their masks. A few of Virginia’s reviewers have even said they beat SKII, they’re great for people with sensitive skin and all skin types. Leaders Clinic besides offering masks, offers other skincare products like a new suncare lotion also in this haul and other collagen products.

They’re a bit pricy though I have to say – $4.95 per mask and sold at Guardian stores currently in Singapore, but Virginia says it’s all part of the parcel because these masks are different. Let’s see why.

1. The Ampoule Masks contain 1 Ampoule per Mask

That’s expensive. Don’t know what an ampoule is? It’s essence more concentrated than a serum and has to be kept in a glass container just like how perfume has to be kept in glass. Highly concentrated stuff.

2. The material is different – Silk Cellulose

It makes sure that the mask isn’t eating up the essence and your face is absorbing most of it. More bang for your buck and it allows your skin to breathe like a ‘second skin’ to help it absorb whatever is inside the pack faster and more efficiently. Sounds good to me.

I received six types of masks, multiples of each but for the purpose of the haul, I will only be showing you one of each:

1. IPL Whitelux Ampoule Mask

Whitening will always be in the asian market and Leaders Clinic won’t miss out on this. It’s infused with whitening ingredients, Vitamin C-AAG, Arbutin and Mulberry Bark extract that kicks out uneven skin tone for brighter and radiant skin. It’s not about being shades lighter, it’s about achieving brighter, more radiant skin when it comes to whitening. With Whitening Ampoule.

2. N.M.F Aquaringer Ampoule Mask:

Sounds scary, but it delivers nutrients and hydration to balance oil, purify the skin and tighten the pores. The NMF stands for natural moisturising factor which exists in the human body to prevent moisture loss. Yes, I’m copying from something right now. Ampoule included!

3. Vita Whitebeam Essential Mask

If you’re not up for ampoules, essential masks have the concentrated essence within the mask. This one makes your skin clear and bright with Vitamin C and Tocopherol. It actively reduces melanin production which is the stuff that makes you more tan when the UV rays hit you. Ow.

4. Tea Tree Healing Solution Essential Mask

We all know that Tea Tree does the job (not really for me actually..) to decrease redness, acne and blemishes. That’s what this mask is all about. We do the hokey pokey and we turn ourselves around. Thats what its all about. Sorry, I just had to say that. Remember that song? Anyway. It has Tea-tree oil, pine needles, and other natural extracts to soothe sensitive and problem prone skin. The aroma is supposed to help calm you too. Multi-tasker!

5. Platinum V-Lift Essential Mask

Man, we can really do a lot to our faces can’t we? :P Say goodbye to saggy skin. I have tried this one, it’s a tingling sensation, quite nice. I felt the tightening effect but I think I need to use it more to get a proper feel about it. What’s doing the work – Nano- Platinum (o.0), Trehalose and Pomegranate. Yea, I only got Pomegranate. It firms and lifts and the Nano-Platinum includes fine grains of platinum by nano-technology which improves the firming and lifting part. cool.

6. Collagen Infusion Essential Mask

C’mon, what’s Korea without Collagen! Collagen is important because it’s essential for the skin’s elasticity, firmness and suppleness. We lose collagen as we age so why not put it in a mask.

In fact, let’s take a closer look. Marine Collagen..

Very syrupy in texture…

Feels very nice. Honestly though, the holes in the mask are way too big and I’d like for the mask to be resting also on the undereye, but that means no mask for my temples. You get the idea. Maybe my eyes are just a little too small? You can see my skin through it.

Roseanne, How in the world are you going to review all this?

Lots of time. Basically, a before and after basis so you’ll see me without makeup, or anything before the mask and then a picture with the mask on, and then a picture after the mask. I initially thought Virginia didn’t give me enough masks for me to notice results but she said you should see results already after the first 1 or 2 tries. How to use it? Put it on and leave for 15 – 20 mins (different to other masks that are on till they dry…but these are sheet masks so its different).

Not yet sold in the market, but a potential product is the Collagen Peelaser. Not a Pee-laser please, but a Peel-aser. It’s a cleansing cream, very thick. Basically whip some on, massage the makeup off and rinse. Always remember a two step process though! Off comes your makeup, and then you use an additional cleanser to actually clean your skin after.

Another potential product is the Kids Care Sun Lotion by Leaders Clinic. For sensitive skin and it’s awesome that it’s SPF 32, most stop at SPF 30! I have felt this and swatched it and it comes off a little thick honestly, and not the most blendable at all, but I’ll give it a second chance..

Virginia was also nice enough to give me this, a salon mascara from Taiwan. It’s from Jenova and it’s a Transplanting Gel and Natural Fiber system!

You should first apply the Transplanting Gel which looks like a normal mascara and then you apply the Natural Fiber which looks..just a little wrong and mossy. It doesn’t stop there though. You apply your own mascara on top of those layers. It’s supposed to give you really voluminous lengthy lashes and I can’t wait to try it!

Thanks so much Virginia for everything. Look forward to a review in quite a while’s time!

Don’t forget to like their FB Page or check out their website at:

FB: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Serenity-Allure/133275123419510
Web: www.serenityallure.com

xx Roseanne


  • charlenejudith

    IPL Whitelux Ampoule Mask looks good! Though pricey, like you say. Tea tree doesn’t work for me either (Or it works extremely slowly…). Can’t wait for your review! Usually, I overlook the masks area when I’m at Guardian so thanks for this! (:

  • roseannetangrs

    Yea, I’m excited too! I get confused just going to Guardian and looking at all the masks :)

  • everbluec

    The mascara set sound so interesting!

  • sandra163

    all the mask seems so great! which 1 should l get? Or should l get all? Getting married soon! Yet my face is like sucks! headache man!

  • icyabstract

    Wow that’s a lot of masks with complicated names! haha. I’m still so new to the mask world I could just stare at those blankly. They sound good, I might drop by Guardian to browse the racks!

  • roseannetangrs

    @Chantana: haha yea! I have still yet to try it tough!

    @Sandra163: Haha I don’t know, have only tried the Collagen and V-lift, which was calming more than did much but I only tried it once :P and CONGRATS LOVE!! :) don’t get a facial on the week, leave two weeks before if you’re thinking of getting one!

    @icyabstract: haha i know! got kind of tired listing them out and yea same! This will bring me lots of relaxing nights I guess :) Do check em out! :D

  • blushaphoria

    interesting! i feel like purchasing every one that you’ve mentioned. thanks for the review. :)

  • roseannetangrs

    @blushaphoria: haha no worries, the real review awaits!

  • Jul Tam

    Hi Roseanne,
    are your reviews going to be up soon?can’t wait to try out the masks!

  • Jul Tam

    and the mascara too,does it work?

  • roseannetangrs

    Hi Jul Tam, they take a while because I am trying them, not really a one off thing and since there are so many, I’m thinking of doing a review every threee and I’ve only finished one and I’m moving on to the second type now :) heh sorry for the wait! the mascara is pretty good, very voluminous, alright on the curl. a bit of a hassle to do a two step though :)

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  • Jules

    Hi. I’m caucasian but I’m really curious about those sheet masks. I have a truly sensitive skin and I would love to try those, but I got the impression that it’s very specific for that type of skin.

    Do you think that it would work for me?


      • Jules

        Thanks… I’ll try those… I have this impression that these masks are really good for sensitive skin, which is my case. Besides having a highly sensitive skin, it’s also considered to be combination skin, which makes it hard for me to find a proper treatment.

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