Elizabeth Arden 100th Anniversary Promotions & Sephora (NARS) USA Haul, Benefit Dandelion


Beauty FYI: Elizabeth Arden 100th Anniversary Promotions – 9th – 15th July

Elizabeth Arden is currently having their 100th Anniversary Limited Edition Sets currently selling like hotcakes at counters from the 9th to 15th of July and I must say these babies are adorable. I met up with Elizabeth Wan, part of the marketing team at Elizabeth Arden for lunch at the Blue Mist Cafe and was able to get a glimpse of the upcoming promotions at the office, which was beautiful by the way.

She’s trying to take out the lip protectant, next to her is one of the new fragrances coming out and the red door lipstick next to the box. I have to say that the lipstick is probably one of the most interesting limited edition items. It’s a beautiful sparkly hollywood red lipstick only going for $19.90 each, but apparently its sold out currently as the promotions started yesterday!

Elizabeth Arden was also kind enough to give me the Eight Hour Cream Boxed Set, that retails for $42 and comes in a value for money package containing one of Elizabeth Arden’s cult products – the Eight Hour Cream, and two eight hour cream lip protectants. Now what is the 8 Hour Cream?

Well, the 8 Hour Cream is a sort of ointment, very similar to an Egyptian Magic Cream, because it heals any scrapes, burns, minor abrasions, and specifically targets dry flaky problem areas. It’s the reason why its so popular on long haul flights with celebrities with chapped lips or faces in the dry atmosphere of the cabin. It’s a thick syrupy ointment that looks like this:

Here are the other promotions going on from the 9th to 15th of July that you can check out at Elizabeth Arden counters. Do keep in mind that it’s selling fast and they will also be doing a facebook sign up promotion where they will be holding a lucky draw for five lucky fans daily at the Takashimaya counter.

Some other products that Elizabeth Arden gave me to try out:

I actually really like the Radiance Boosting Moisture Lotion from the Intervene line because it’s really light and creates a nice matte finish which is great under makeup. What’s the Intervene line? Basically 18 to 30 year olds can use the intervene line to prevent anti aging early because it doesn’t makes sense if you prevent it when you’re already aged.

I LOVE THIS STUFF. Ok, I’m honestly not a tinted moisturizer, light coverage fan at all so when they gave me this…I was so close to sending it off to assumed exile until I tried it. And my oh my, does it cover. It’s light and it covers. Fabulous.

Other items that I’ve hauled:

Sexy Girl Hair cologne! Got this while I was just walking around and spotted it for only $18.80 at cineleisure, sprayed it in my hair and its smells soo good. I have to say that the scent doesn’t last very long, but while it does, you sure will be attracting a few sniffs :) This product is also available at Watsons, John Little, Gaurdian and Sasa :)

Sephora USA Items:

Comes with three items. I initially bought it because of the HD Primer because I heard it was amazing. I did swatch it on my hand and…it’s very reminiscent of the NARS makeup primer in texture which didn’t work for me at all. Hopefully, it won’t be as nothing as that one was. The HD powder I already have in full size and as for the HD Elixir, it’s supposed to cure any flaky dry skin before makeup application so that you can have a smooth base to apply the makeup.

Benefit Dandelion:

I’ve always wanted this but at first sight, although it looks a little light to be used as a blush sometimes, it gives a fresh flush of colour that’s not overwhelming and great for neutral days. Happy. On my NC30 cheeks, light handed application won’t work, you need to pat it on to see the difference.

NARS Amour Blush – a posie rose with a slight peach undertone. Matte. Yea, in love.

Last of all, the NARS so famous set I had to get because of its value. Comes with Deep Throat, Orgasm multiple and Bettina Lip pencil:

Deep Throat is very similar to Benefit Dandelion and differs from NARS orgasm because it has silver instead of goldย iridescence and its a paler pink without the warm peach undertone.

I love the multiple because it’s a cream to powder finish that’s easy to whip out when you need to bring minimal makeup around and need to touch up!

Haven’t tried this but I’m sure its going to be very similar to a lipstick..

I hoped that was fun and informative!

xx Roseanne