Check out the NEW StarHub Rewards + Exclusive Deals!

Hey Everyone!


Today, I just wanted to let everyone know about StarHub Rewards! StarHub has been my service provider for as long as I can remember and they always have great deals (which is why I got hooked on them in the first place) and I’m sure a lot of you are also with StarHub or looking to join StarHub! Well if you are, they have a new and revamped StarHub reward website that is totes worth checking out! You can check it out at!

The all-new StarHub Rewards has been revamped to provide StarHub customers with a bigger variety of lifestyle redemptions in this huge catalogue.  The redemption process is also a lot more simplified and easier to redeem and customers can now also redeem at anytime, anywhere via their mobile or even tablets!

My favourite section is the food! There are a lot of discounts on the food section and also 1-for-1 promotions to take advantage of if you are a StarHub customer like me! You can also enjoy complimentary dishes and free beverages if the deal is right! This is just if you’re with StarHub too! By the way, the redemption process is super easy – basically 3 steps to happiness! – Browse > Redeem > Enjoy!


There are also other reward categories too like Treats and Shopping discounts. From leisure to wellness to buying your favourite beauty products, StarHub has really a great selection on the new website which is why I wanted to share it with you!


I heard there are some pretty amazing surprises that StarHub will reveal over the next few weeks, so check out my twitter for that! 


Do check out to take advantage of amazing deals! I can’t wait to start redeeming points!

Love, Roseanne