Review: Ziaja Sensitive 0% Skincare Range!

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Today I want to talk about my current skincare routine! I thought I’d do this quick post before showering and getting ready for bed. The skincare range I’ve been using is the Ziaja sensitive skin range. I have been using this range for a few weeks already and I have really noticed improvements in my skin – mainly in the smoothness of my skin and the size of my pores!


Ziaja is actually a European and pharmaceutical skincare producer that has been in the skincare market for 25 years already. Ziaja is available in 28 countries, including six in Asia. Globally, Ziaja produces over 1,000 types of products with 45 of Ziaja’s best-selling products available here in Singapore. In fact their motto is – quality products with natural ingredients at affordable prices. Quality stands for the fact that all their products are produced in Europe and are not tested on animals. Futhermore, Ziaja also tries to use the most natural ingredients as possible with their active ingredients ranging from goat’s milk to rose butter.

I have to say that their products are also extremely affordable – from $5.90 to $15.90 so if you’re looking for an effective sensitive skincare range at a tight budget, you should for sure check this range out. The range I’m using is the Ziaja Sensitive Skin range that is great for sensitive, dry and rough skin and does not have parabens, silicones or perfume that could potentially irritate your skin. This range is also includes an extract from brown algae called ‘golden algae’ that reduces skin inflammation caused by external factors like pollution.


The first product is the Ziaja Creamy Wash Gel for face and body. It comes out as a milky gel that contains no perfume, soap or parabens. It gently cleanses the skin and is very similar to Cetaphil and could very much be more affordable substitution for it. This product also restores skin smoothness and softness, prevents excessive dehydration, reduces roughness and dryness and intensely moisturises. For me, I personally love this cleanser because it feels very hydrating and gentle on the skin. I feel like it does effectively cleanse but doesn’t feel harsh.


Next up is the Ziaja Enzyme Peeling. This product peels off dead cells and facilitates penetration of active ingredients. It also prepares the skin for cosmetic treatments, smooths and softens the skin, while slightly brightening it too. It also comes in a milky gel but thicker than the creamy wash.


Spread a generous amount over the skin and wait a few minutes for the gel to help exfoliate your dead skin cells. I do feel a slight prickly sensation, but nothing painful. After this peel, I do feel much cleaner but I’d only use it probably once or twice a week.


After you’ve cleanses and prepared, it’s time for moisturiser. I feel like this range is really simple which I like. Too many skincare ranges make you use so many products. With this, it’s simple and that’s why I feel like it doesn’t irritate it. The Ziaja smoothing day cream eliminates redness, reduces dryness and roughness, restores hydration, prevents skin ageing and regenerates the skin.


As it is a day cream, I use it in the morning but for the purpose of this review, I have put it on too! The product comes out as a white cream. The cream does absorb well in the skin but it does have a brightening effect. It is very light in texture and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and I like that it does have SPF too so it makes the sunscreen part less of a burden. It doesn’t really have a smell which is great for sensitive skin as it does not have any perfume.


Last of all, is the Ziaja Firming Night Cream. This is an amazing night cream that did wonders for me when I was in Bali with a bit of a sunburn. It really does immediately hydrate the skin and makes my skin super smooth. This is supposed to reduce wrinkles, replenish the skin as well and regenerates the skin. Although this cream is for sure more hydrating than the day cream, it is thinner in texture.


On the skin, it feels very hydrating. You can feel your skin soaking it up – especially if it is dry. It was an absolute lifesaver with my sunburns and in the morning, my sunburns would be less red and much more moisturised. This night cream is one of my favourite products of the entire range especially if you’re looking for a great night cream.


Overall, this helped my troubled skin mainly in my pores. I seriously saw my pores literally iron out and my skin became multitudes smoother as you can see in my pictures. Intitially I had no idea why but my pores were so defined and irritated but ever since I began using this range, my pores literally dissapeared and my skin really smoothed out. I was on the plane to Bali and my friend looked at my skin and commented on I didn’t have pores anymore and I sang praises about this range. I’m happy I get to share this with you now! Plus, it really is very affordable. I want to thank Ziaja for sponsoring this review and helping me find such a great range.

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