February 14, 2014

Quick Tip: How to Get Nail Polish Tops & Lids “Unstuck” or “Unsticky”

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Hey Everyone!


Happy Valentines Day! Don’t you hate it when your nail polish top gets stuck and you can’t open your favourite bottle anymore? I know I do. It happens all the time and that’s because nail polish gets on the sides and when it dries, it basically glues the top to the bottle. No matter how hard you try to open it, it usually won’t budge. I recently got my nails done but had to touch up a bit on an area that accidentally chipped off and the exact polish I needed had this problem. Thankfully, I looked online and discovered the hot water method and decided to see if it worked!


First fill a small bowl woth hot to warm water. You don’t want it so hot that it’s going to melt the cap, but just hot enough for a little bit of steam. You need a warm temperature to do anything as it will loosen the polish.


Then, dip the cap into the bowl of hot water. Be careful that you don’t dip the entire bottle in. You just want to submerge the top and the neck of the nail polish bottle! You kind of have to hold it the entire time. This being about 5 minutes. Maybe read a book with your other hand? Or grab a snack.


After that, your top should be warm feeling. Dry it off with a towel and then tie a rubber band around the top. This is going to provide you the extra grip when you twist the top open!


Then, just twist the cap open! Seriously, at that moment, all your life problems will be solved. Well, I guess part of it but it will certainly make your day. It actually made mine. I have so many polishes with the cap stuck that I thought I had to throw away. This opens so many possibilities for me!


I really hope that this little trick helped! Share it with your friends or family if it did and follow me on instagram @roseannetangrs if you wanna keep updated!


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