Top 5 Best Drugstore Foundations for Beauties on a Budget

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Blessed with less than flawless skin, I’ve always been a fan of foundations. Plus, with my wallet losing more weight than I can lose by only eating apples, I thought it would be awesome to list out my five favourite drugstore foundations to fuel your healthy or not so healthy addiction to makeup. In this post, I’ll be talking about my five favourite foundations or bases or whatever you wish to call them and talk about what they are, why I love them and a few caution points to consider before you grab it off the shelves the next time you’re there. Let’s go!

1. Maybelline SuperStay 24Hr Foundation

What is it? This is a liquid foundation that claims to have a special characteristic called micro-flex that allows the foundation when applied to move with the surface of the skin. This allows the foundation to be flexible and not flake off or melt off as easily as some foundations might do, leaving the 24HR claim up to us to decide.

Love the..

1. Ease of Application -the best way to apply this foundation is with a foundation paddle brush or if you’re feeling lazy, you can use your own fingers. The texture of this foundation is like Optimus Prime. It’s not too thick and not too watery making application uber easy.

2. Great Coverage – Forget about leaving your scars in the light, this foundation covers the lot and leaves your skin nicely flawless.

3. Great for Daily Wear – Unlike many liquid foundations, this one in particular doesn’t feel too heavy which means it’s great for everyday wear. My bestie uses it everyday and hey, if you can be absolutely flawless everyday, why not?

Keep In Mind the…

1. Lack of Oil Control – This foundation doesn’t really pack a punch in the oil department so make sure you carry some blotters with you in case you have the oilies.

2. Short Longevity – Forget what this foundation says about lasting 24 hours, it really doesn’t (but that was expected, right?). You can bet on 6 hours and maybe a few more.

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2. Revlon Colorstay Foundation

What is it? A liquid foundation with absolutely full coverage. Super famous for being probably one of the top drugstore foundations.

Love the…

1. Full Coverage – This is one of the highest coverage foundations that I have for sure ever tried. It’s so full, that your flaws will see it on the brush when you put it on and then epicly dissapear in fear of this foundation because it knows it stands no chance. That’s right. Epic.

2. Oil Control – This is the number one drugstore foundation that has done very well in controling oil. I find myself not blotting at all really throughout the day, maybe once, but really I know I don’t need to. I come back from class and it’s like close to flawless. I love it.

3. Lasting Finish – You can put this on in the mid morning and go clubbing until the next and it’s great, it doesn’t move or melt. I really like this because it really does last really long.

Keep In Mind the..

1. Thick Consistency – This foundation is not that great in the blending department. I like to use a foundation paddle brush but just think of a really strong serum and this is kinda equivalent to that.

2. Ability for Daily Wear – Not so Much :( – I wouldn’t recommend this for people to use everyday because it feels unatural and is so flaw-proof that I feel that I’m laying more than a few chemicals on the surface of my skin. I wouldn’t recommend this for first timers who have never used liquid foundation before because it doesn’t really look that natural so I don’t want to potentially scare you from using makeup ever again. If you are first starting makeup, try a mineral foundation or something lighter and then work your way up to something like this.


3. Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation

What is it? A liquid foundation that is supposedly mineral enriched and provides 16 hr wear. Right now, they have a new lasting finish that is supposed to last 25 hours, I have yet to try that one. This review is based on the old lasting finish foundation!

Love the…

1. Texture/Blendability – If there was ever a foundation designer, you should look at this as a role model. Not to watery, not to thick for the absolutely perfect finish.

2. Great for Everyday – Light enough feeling to use, this is an awesome foundation if you are looking for a foundation that looks great and feels not too bad either.

Keep in mind the…

1. Short Longevity – I know this foundation is called lasting finish but it’s more like..finish…because it’s not THAT long lasting. We’re talking 5 hours before it’ll start looking like you need to touch up.

2. Use on Sensitive Skin, Beware! – I did breakout from this foundation, but man do I hate my skin for it. If this baby works for you, then it’s a keeper.

4. Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse

What is it? A mousse foundation in a pot from *puts song commercial on* “Maybe it’s Maybelline”.

Love the…

1. Flawless Coverage – If you use your fingers the way I do and work this foundation into the skin, you can really get a beautiful finish from this unlike any other. You can enter a room and you can trick people instantly that you have flawless skin, naturally. (From afar at least).

2. Super Smooth – Being a mousse, you can bet on a really nice silicone feel texture after you apply the foundation. Your powder glides on easier but if you use your concealer ontop, it might actually slide a little. So be careful but setting that aside, it feels great after application.

Keep in Mind…

1. Clumps/Application – The application part can get difficult. The trick to this foundation is that you need to press and apply the foundation onto the skin. Ditch the brushes and the sponges lest you want to waste a decent amount of foundation and use your fingers to press the foundation and work it into the skin in circular motions. If you don’t, you could get decent clumping instead that can fall from your face and onto your lap. Not so cool for a hot outfit.

2. Short Longevity – It wears fast, especially in humid weather. Geat for events for 2-3 hours but not for a day out.

3. Poor Oil Control – Be prepared to blot if you have oily skin!

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5. Rachel K CC Cream

What is it? The new generation of BB Cream. A much improved and refined version of a BB Cream. This baby is a skincare and makeup product that can be used in place of your foundation or makeup base but provides a myriad of skincare benefits as well.

Love the…

1. The Brightening Effect – When you apply the CC cream, it really does brighten your complexion which I love. It’s like I just slept a few more hours in the morning. This is due to the really nice salmon color that really color corrects when you apply it.

2. Pore Minimizing – Pores for sure seem to dissapear when I apply the CC cream, melts it off. It’s a beautiful skin-like finish.

3. Lasting Skincare benefits – After using this for a month daily, I did see improvements in my skin and I became much more radiant and brighter even without any makeup on. My mom even commented on my skin when I came back from Australia!

4. Natural Look – Probably the best thing is that it’s makeup but it looks like skin, making it my daily foundation right now and for a long time ahead. I don’t always want to carry a thick face of makeup and this CC cream makes me feel like I’m not wearing anything and it looks so natural.

Keep In Mind…

1. Application – You have to remember that a little goes a long way. Not applying it correctly can result in the opposite finish. I suggest putting it on the back of your hand, just a squidget, and using your three fingers, spread it out a little until you have some on those three fingers placed together like you’re E.T and then patting the CC cream over the surface of your skin. That, or you can dot lightly the CC cream all over the skin and then with clean fingers, pat lightly until the surface is evenly covered.

2. Color Selection – Only one color so far and for people with tones below an NC30! I wish more people with darker skin tones can use this product because I absolutely love it.

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And there we have it! My Top 5 Best Drugstore foundations, healthy for your wallet and soul.

What’s your favourite drugstore foundation?

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