What is a Professional Minx Manicure Like? Getting Minx Nails like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry @ Vedure Spa

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I don’t know about you but I’m not one to really keep up with nail trends. I’m probably next to the most unimaginable and boring person when it comes to decorating the fingers. Forget the diamonte and the small details, I pretty much slap on a decent coat of color and I deem myself done for the day. The fact isn’t that I think fancy smanchy nails aren’t hot stuff, it’s more so because I’m honestly really lazy.  That and I have unusually small hands. I got it from my Mom who has hands smaller than mine. So, when Vedure Nail Spa at Marina Bay Sands Shoppes  in Singapore invited me to try out the latest California nail trend, Minx Nails, I was all out to wear what the trendiest celebrities like Lady Gaga , Katy Perry and Madonna have been sporting, nail-wise, in their music videos and photoshoots. Baby, it’s time to get our nails minx-ed.

You’re probably wondering, what is minx nails? Unlike conventional nail polish, Minx nails isn’t liquid, it’s a flexible film that is stuck onto your finger nail and then buffed out so it looks like nail polish but it’s actually a sticker. Minx nails are so special because they allow you to wear so many designs and patterns that you can’t normally do with traditional liquid nail polish (because it would take eons to do so otherwise). In fact, you can get any type of nails done, from a cool design to your favourite pattern that you cannot seem to imitate nicely and sleekly with liquid nailpolish. Minx Nails further does not require any drying time because it is a sticker which is so nice because I absolutely hate drying my nails after a manicure, it seems to take super long and then they charge you additional to put a rapiddry coat on. Grrr. It’s fast, quick, no smudging, no spillage, convenient and hey if Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Madonna are wearing it, I want a piece of the cool kid cake too.

Thanks to Vedure Nail Spa for the sponsorship! Vedure Nail Spa is located inside a very stylish looking Robinsons at Marina Bay Sands Shoppes.

If you don’t know what Marina Bay Sands is, you’re missing out. Isn’t it absolutely beautiful?

Back to the nails. Look at the patterns that you can do with Minx Nails, absolutely amazing.

There we go, Lady Gaga and her checkered red and black Minx nails.

Leopard Print, anyone?

or even Jeans!

I picked out a more quiet gold with black line detailing. I didn’t want anything particularly loud because I’m not a very loud person when it comes to my nails. I reckon to be honest, Minx would be great for a gal who likes loud looks and loud nails or if you’re off to a special party afterwards. I still think that they need to come up with more quiet designs that are more wearable during the daytime or perhaps for more quiet people like me.

I thought it would be pretty cool to show you the whole step by step process. This is also exactly how a professional manicure is done except normally , if you didn’t opt for the Minx nail option, they would just paint your nails in a color you select prior to the manicure. Let’s go!

For step 2, I always opt for a square shaped nail. You kinda just buff it side to side in a straight manner.

The soaking step allows your cuticles to soften so that it can be pushed back and taken away.

After you soak, you push back the top layer to be removed later.

Taking your cuticles away makes the nail overall cleaner and sleeker looking.

After all the nails are done, look how nice they look!

Now to minx those nails! You can see that there is this special lamp in the picture. This lamp heats up the individual sticker so it becomes more malleable under the heat and easier for the manicurist to manipulate and mould onto the fingernail. I feel bad for the lovely lady doing my nails because it’s quite warm under the light and I get a towel but she doesn’t.

The first thing you do is place the sticker onto the nail. I always thought it to be very similar to putting a skin onto a tech gadget to protect and beautify it.

The extra part is then folded over….

Hehe, they look a little funny at this point.

and then using a nail file, the sticker is filed off in a back and forth and then peel off motion. This automatically cuts away the excess part.

Air pockets are then pressed out and down…

A glue seal is then applied to the tips of the nails so that the sticker lasts longer. The nails are supposed to last 2 weeks but it really depends on your lifestyle. It also depends on how curved your nails are. Mine happen to be very curved so the manicurist told me that I should be extra careful and if anything did happen, I should use a hairdryer to mould it back into place.

And there you have it – Minx Nails! My favourite part is that I can leave automatically after the manicure and I don’t have to wait until my nails dry or freak out when I grab something because it won’t mess up! No drying time and no smudging, loves it! The whole manicure took about 70 minutes to complete.

Overall, Vedure Spa is an awesome place and the only place in Singapore to get your nails minx-ed! Hope you liked this post! :)

Have you tried Minx Nails?