MAC Rodarte Collection – Why people are offended.

Hey Everyone,

If you’re up with the times, you’re probably aware of the controversey surrounding the MAC Rodarte Collection and the people in Juarez. Because I took some time to understand the situation, thought you might like this informative post of why exactly this isn’t so cool.

Thanks to theSPNation’s video, I totally understand the situation:

Rodarte is a fashion label by Kate and Laura Mulleavy feauturing avant garde fashion with lots of chiffon, a bit mysterious and dark and something I would assume that MAC would be attracted to. Their partnership is no surprise.

The MAC Rodarte Collection was inspired by ‘a roadtrip’ taken by the sisters in Mexico from El Paso to Marfa, Juarez and parts of Texas and with product names such as Ghostown, Sleepless, Sleepwalker (representing prostitution), badlands, Factory (where workers are making basically 2 dollars an hour) and finally Juarez, it is basically insulting the people in Mexico especially those in Juarez where there is currently a death toll of 6,000 and where murder and rape unfortunately run rampant. The fact is, MAC had intentions to make profits from this collection while insulting the people in Mexico and emphasising the demise of woman in Juarez.

From Temptalia:

Although MAC  & Rodarte could have taken a total left turn, they didn’t. It’s their make-up, they could have refused to take inspiration from Juarez. But, theydidn’t.

Personally, this is insensitive. I may not be Mexican, but I am human. How can they make a collection based on rape, evil and drug killings? Let’s make a collection about the HOLOCAUST, we can call products: Man-slaughter, Rape, Gas Chambers. Yea, good idea. NOT. They might just be product names but the fact that it is inspired by that roadtrip and the fact that you want money from it is really inappropriate. Emphasising the rape and violence of women isn’t ever cool especially because I would say most of their customers, fans and clients are women. They really should have been more sensitive in shedding light on Rodarte and should have intiated the charity aspect from the start. It’s MAC’s makeup, their decision to be like I love RODARTE, let’s make some makeup out of their road trip instead of their fashion!

Even the model is ghostly, emaciated, and dead.

Reminds me of the blood that these woman have shed:

It was funny because in the beggining apology, they chose to donate only PART of the proceeds to the women in Juarez, honestly can’t believe that they could think $100,000 will fix it…

They have since changed their initiatives.


MAC and Rodarte, you need to stop making collections every month and start watching the news.

xx Roseanne


  • tiarabangs

    i watched theSPnation’s video last week and i just find it so sick

  • roseannetangrs

    meee too :(

  • rainyydays

    Just watched the video. Gosh :( don’t know wth MAC’s thinking. If they are gonna be keeping this up, I’m gonna be boycotting lots of collections in the future :(

  • hazelnutt

    the situation in Juarez is maddening… it angers me

  • hazelnutt

    it angers and saddens me tremendously.

  • Anonymous

    i totally agree with you roseanne!
    it shocks me to find out that some people in this world can be that insensitive
    they’re taking something really horrific and saddening and trying to make a profit off it
    yeah the money isn’t gonna fix it
    it’s as if they’re saying “here’s $100,000 for letting us trash mexico”

  • roseannetangrs

    exactly! I bet they had no idea.

  • Layla88

    That is really sad and distasteful. I’ve never been a fan of those who make money off the backs/blood of others (which is why I still don’t own an iPod-sweatshop child labour-HELL no!) I’m ashamed to own anything from MAC now. Probably won’t be purchasing from them again either…what were they thinking?? :S

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