March 7, 2015

M.A.C Cinderella Collection 2015 Singapore Haul & Giveaway!

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Hey Everyone!


I love make-up collaborations – they’re fun, collectible and it’s always cool to see how a specific brand interprets an idea or concept. No other make-up brand does it better than M.A.C with I think probably hundreds of different collection collaborations under their belt. When it comes to fun, the M.A.C x Disney Cinderella Collection is no exception! Inspired by the most iconic Disney princess of all time and the new movie, each piece in the collection is encased in a gorgeous fairytale lavender blue! Thanks to M.A.C, I have received a few products from the Cinderella collection to share with you today and I’ll be doing a giveaway at the end of this post so stay tuned!


The first thing I got was the M.A.C Royal Ball Lipstick. It’s a beautiful nude color and reminds me lots of what Cinderella would be sporting. It’s a fairytale and whimsical pink with fleshy pink tones. It’s the darker of the two. The other lipstick that I don’t have with me is called Free as a Butterfly which on the M.A.C cosmetics website, looks a bit lighter in shade.


I’ve never really got to try a M.A.C mascara before because of the average reviews of them online. And, I was suprised that the Cinderella collection had a mascara too – the M.A.C Cinderella Studio Fix Lash. Usually, most collections concentrate on paint pots to eye-shadow palettes and lipsticks but rarely mascara. I tried it on anyway and as you can see, it’s alright! I don’t think it’s the best mascara I’ve tried but it’s not too bad. I can still see volume.


Next up are the lipglasses! M.A.C sent over two – Glass Slipper and Happily Ever After Lipglass. First off, can I say how much I love the names of these babies! They’re so cute. These lipglasses are gorgeous. They’re not my favourite glosses in the beauty world but the reflexes on these are beautiful.


Although Glass Slipper and Happily Ever After look very much alike, they are differences. First of all, Glass Slipper has both a pink and gold tone giving it an overall neutral look. It’s actually very glittery on the lips, almost nearing a metallic finish. I would suggest layering this over a nude pink lipstick like Royal Ball to complete the look.


Then there’s Happily Ever After which is actually slightly darker in shade compared to Glass Slipper. It’s lacking the gold reflex as well and has instead a cooler blue reflex. Both are super pretty as collectibles to be honest but I don’t wear gloss much.


M.A.C Cinderella Giveaway!

So now it’s time for a giveaway! As you know, my primary work is Bloom by Roseanne where I teach everyday women like you and me how to put make-up on themselves. You learn not only different looks, but also the theory behind it all. It really means a lot to me when you follow it because it’s like following my journey! So I want to do a giveaway!

If you want to win the M.A.C Cinderella Royal Ball Lipstick and Happily Ever After Lipglass, simply do the following:

1. Follow @bloombyroseanne on instagram
2. Like our facebook page
3. Comment below on this post when you have with your instagram handle!

Giveaway ends March 20th, 2015!


Thanks everyone! Really hope you liked this post and God bless!



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