BlogShop Spotlight: Moiey’s Whimsical Charms

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to roseannebeauty’s first edition of Blogshop Spotlight. This is just my little way of giving back to small blogshops or online arenas because I know very well how it was like trying to get my name out in this huge sea of online haunts. This is just the first edition. I’m very well thinking of making a blogshop spotlight every two months about two or three notable blogshops at one go + a chance for giveaways. I think it would be a great way to help small blogshops get their name out, have great giveaways for everyone and I reckon a single post wouldn’t get in the way every two months or so. What do you think?

Chernhui is the owner of Moiey’s Whimsical Charms, a blogshop selling her own handmade jewelry and I thought her creations were amazing so I thought it would be spiffy to spotlight her.

They were beautifully wrapped! Thank you so much love.


Cute! I was surprised!

The first set was a pair of vintage daisy studs. I love stud earrings and she custom made them for me because she’s cool like that. Ah, I love the gold backing, I think it matches well with the cream color. They make great everyday accessories.

This swarvoski crystal necklace is prettier in real life. Absolutely sparkling. Love it.

Her blogshop takes a focus on vintage things, and these baroque earrings are great dangly pretties.

& so is this lovely daisy ring in mint!



Want some of this? No problemo. Remember, with all blogshop spotlights, you’ll stand a chance to win something.

To win the:

1. Baroque Delight Earrings

2. Vintage Daisy Ring in Mint

All you have to do is comment here with the words enter me and which one piece you would like and if you are the lucky winner (random draw), it’ll be sent right to you. This contest is international. Enter away! Ends Dec. 3!


Congrats to the winner of the Baroque Delight Earrings – Anna Haywire!

Congrats to the winner of the Vintage Daisy Ring in Mint – Lillgoddess!

Contact Moiey’s Whimsical Charms at:


Facebook Page:

xx Roseanne


  • BBYmandarh

    Enter Me, i’d like the Vintage Daisy Ring in Mint :)

  • Jayyy

    Enter Me pls. Would love the Vintage Daisy Ring in Mint! Thanks!

  • shandelsam

    Enter me! I’d love the vintage daisy ring!

  • Iliaric

    Enter Me ~! I’ld love the Baroque Delight Earrings ! ^^

  • sweetsnuggle

    Enter me :) I’ll like the Baroque Delight Earrings. ^^

  • elizaheartyou

    ooooh I really like the Vintage Daisy Ring in Mint!:D enter me!(:

  • ishikaaz

    Enter me! I really like the Vintage Daisy Ring in Mint! :)

  • musicplayson

    Enter me please Ros! I’m loving the Vintage Daisy Ring in Mint! :D Thanks babe!

  • heavenlygorgeous


    I want the Vintage Daisy Ring in Mint, for sure! :dance:

  • Anna Haywire

    ENTER ME! I would love the Baroque Delight Earrings! :D :D

  • s.wanqing

    enter me! i like the Baroque delight earrings! (:

  • lillgoddess

    Enter Me! I’d like the Vintage Daisy Ring in Mint

  • amyrleex

    Enter Me!
    I’d like the Daisy Stud Earrings pls.. Thks 4 de giveaway! :)

  • roseannetangrs

    @amyrleex: sorry hun, those were a gift so not giving them away :p only the ring and baroque earrings are for the giveaway, pick again? :D xx no problemo :)

  • chenamy

    Baroque Delight Earrings
    Enter me!
    thanksss for giveaway!

  • calizamir

    Vintage Daisy Ring In Mint pleasee!


  • Lourdes Domingo

    Enter me! I’d like the baroque earrings please! =)

  • Jamie Tong

    enter me! vintage daisy ring in mint! :D

  • deardesiree

    Enter me please! Vintage Daisy Ring in Mint (: Thanks!

  • Kavitha Palaniappan

    ENTER ME! i just love the vintage daisy ring in mint!

    thanks babe!

  • hanwoohee

    enter me! :)

    that ring’s adorb

  • amyrleex

    ohh okay, sorry! Enter me! I choose the Vintage Daisy Ring den.. thks for the giveaway!

  • naffy

    Enter me! I want the VIntage Daisy Ring pretty plase :D Thanks!

  • Princess Jae

    Enter me !! I’d like the Baroque Delight Earrings please ^^
    Thanks Roseanne ! <3

  • roseannetangrs


  • Han Chung

    You can also make a blogshop at . It’s still in development and will be launching soon!

  • meiQiuezinclassyvintage

    Enter Me, i love the Vintage Daisy Ring in Mint

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