Review: Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick!

Hello Everyone!

I hope your day is going stellar. Today I’ll be doing a review of a pretty stellar product – the highly raved Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick. If ever you think of the brand Bobbi Brown, the shimmer bricks are probably one of the first products you can call up. These babies aren’t just blushes, or face powders, they’re shimmery highlighters that are supposed to add radiance and a healthy beam to any look.

Let’s look at the Packaging:

It’s packaged in a sturdy, commonly high-end case with a mirror and the brick much like a mineralized skinfinish, but baked in strips. The Body Shop has a very similar product as well, I think it’s called shimmer strips. The best way to use this is to take a fluffy white haired brush, just like the MAC 168 because it’s easier buffed onto the cheeks rather than patted on with say a smaller blush brush.

Mine is in Rose. It’s a burnt pink with cool undertones so watch out if you have a yellow undertone. I know, I know, I’m yellow, but I thought pink blushes do look good on me, I’ll save the undertone complaints until later.

So How Do You Work it?

1.) Simple. Here’s me with bare cheeks, i even skipped the bronzer:

2.) Swirl your brush into the brick so that it collects all the colors of the gradient. Then, use the brush and buff first into the apples of your cheek, working upwards to the tip of your ear, not touching the tip of your ear but buffing towards that direction.

3.) The effect produced is a much more prominent cheek apple and sweep of pink that’s subtle and not too over the top.

What do I think of it?

I want to love it, but it’s probably not the first blush I’ll grab for because it’s hot and sweaty in Singapore and I’m pretty sure that I’ll get the same glow if I wait out in the humidity a bit. That’s because I have combination oily skin. However, I think it adds a beautiful glow to the cheeks, and probably great in dry countries or when you just need that little sparkle. This one in particular is much too cool toned for me, and probably a warmer shimmer brick like ‘Nectar’ would have suited me better. I can’t really use this primarily as a highlighter because its pink and I don’t really like having a red bridge, but a sweep on the cheekbones, with another blush below might be a good suggestion. I know that if this whole thing was the white, it would for shizzle receive a 5/5 from me, but as a blush it just doesn’t seem natural sometimes. Nonetheless, its still beautiful, it’s hard to explain my opinion and from me, I’d give it a 4.5/5 because the highlight is sometimes too over the top for me.

Overall – this is an expensive product and you can get the same sub at The Body Shop. However, if you’re into Bobbi Brown and her products – go for it -but don’t, if you have oily skin.

What do you think of the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks?

xx Roseanne


  • toxicdaevil

    yes. i have oily skin and acne pron skin but i bought it! x(
    when i break out the highlight shows my blemishes more! but i cover up the pimple and swirl the highlight+blusher on my cheekbones and WOW! love the shimmering effect in flash foto for nite outs! don’t need an extra pink blush!
    love your review roseanne! for me i LOVE THIS! =)
    the one i have is also the ROSE! =)

  • amyrleex

    u look pretty with the shimmer highlight.. :)

  • icefrost

    It looks great on you. I unfortunately have large pores, thus I am afraid to use shimmery products on my cheeks. Hopefully I will get to try this one day :)

  • musicplayson

    Looks beautiful on you as usual Ros! I have been lemming for 1 of those BB’s Shimmer Bricks but they are rather ex. But looks good!

    Michelle: Sometimes when I use my MSF Soft and Gentle, the MSF actually covers and hides my pores. I know sound weird. Haha.

  • Layla88

    Aw it looks great on you! I so wish I could use bronzers/shimmers…I also have combo/oily skin and have only just recently tried out bronzer/illuminators (just because I’ve never tried it?) and it really just makes my skin look extra shiny/oily when my skin gets glowy n flushed on it’s own already in the heat! I’ve totally learnt the hard way that this stuff just doesn’t work on me and just highlights my spots n redness lol but l reckon it would def work for dryer/pale skin to give that healthy ‘glow’.

  • SydneyRose

    niceee ;)

  • blushfully

    purreettyyy!!! love the glow, but i have to agree, that i probably wouldn’t really reach this as either blush or highlighter… yet another great review from you, roseanne!! hope you’re enjoying your holiday!! =D

  • littlefrozengirl

    have you checked out the tony moly one that is similar to this? :D

  • Frances Goh

    LOOOVE THIS! I use the brown shade combination as a bronzer, highlighter and sculptor. Excellent product and long lasting. Just. don’t. drop. it.
    I use it over a powder foundation which seems to decrease the oil. Maybe you should only use it in other countries? ;) xxxxxx

  • chocfull

    I have this! I love this as e/s, the pink with some neutral es. As blush it can get a lil OTT shimmery. But thankfully I got mine in HKG & it’s only half the retail price so not so heart pain. BTW love the way you did our eyes!

  • roseannetangrs

    @toxicdaevil: ooo I would see it being a little bit of a problem with blemishes and yep, it really does a great job for the cheekbones :) thanks love! always appreciate your comments!
    @amyrleex: thanks hun!
    @icefrost: Thanks! Yeah it might be a little problematic with pores, you should try it at the counter though!
    @musicplayson: thanks love!
    @Layla88: thank you! :)yep i agree. Initially actually i hated highlighters because of the same problems I love them, I think they really do a great job to sculpt the face and add light – the right ones at least. I love YSL’s touche eclat. Just filmed a video so you get to see that in action soon :)
    @SydneyRose: thank you :)
    @blushfully: thank you Dana! I am :)
    @littlefrozengirl: ooo haven’t yet, Ill check it out though! :)
    @Frances: haha Hi Frances! :) haha that powder foundation tip is good, looks amazing on you :)
    @chocfull: using it as an eyeshadow is an awesome idea! and thanks love, just used the NARS eurydice eyeshadow duo and a blending brush :)

  • miwitch

    Lolx at your oily combi skin statement.. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick glow = oily glow cheeks..
    But true enough, this glow kinda looks like one you’ll get after an hour under humid & hot weather! =D
    Great review!~

  • roseannetangrs

    thanks hun!

  • united states

    Thanks for the sweet comment hun, i’m also lemming for this one. I’d love to get this one for the future though coz’ it looks so pretty and nice on you. I’m also thinking of getting the Chanel JC in rose petal coz’ it’s so nice.:-)

  • roseannetangrs

    So glad you dropped by! and thank you :) I’ve tried one Chanel JC in Reflex, a peachy orange. It smells like a rose but the pigmentation is alright, would love to see your JC in rose petal once you get it! :):)

  • swelulgeNow

    I just book marked your blog on Digg and StumbleUpon.I enjoy reading your commentaries.

  • roseannetangrs


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