February 18, 2014

Benefit Agent Zero Shine Review – An “on the go” Shine Vanishing Pro Powder!

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Hey Everyone!


I hate being caught with greasy skin and it’s really something I can’t control. My face just wants to be a discoball midday and there’s nothing I can do about it until I discovered make-up. I always touch up midday and there’s a couple products I really do recommend to put in your touch up bag. One of them is the NEW Benefit Agent Zero Shine Shine-Vanishing Pro Powder! I love this to BITS and it’s something I received last year from my dear friends at Benefit Cosmetics to try out before the launch date in Singapore. Girls, I have to say that this is really amazing and it took a while to review it because I really wanted to get to know this powder. So let’s get started!


First of all the packaging is the smartest thing ever. Okay, there’s a lot of powders out there but none have come up with such smart packaging. The problem with bringing your powder along with you is that 1.) if you bring a powder compact, there’s a yucky sponge that you are too lazy to wash after every use 2.) or you have to bring a separate powder blush that won’t fit in your pouch or you have to put in a plastic bag in fear of contamination. Yes, there are a lot of problems. But, the Benefit Agent Zero Shine solves that and comes in a more-so cylindrical tube with a removable bottom and top (with a purpose of course).


Just screw open the top and it becomes your container on the go for your powder! So smart right? Then, you can twist open so that you can tap the powder into the container. The actual powder isn’t white, it’s a skin tone color. It only comes in one shade but this is good because it fits all shades without making you look ashy. It’s a very fine powder with a very fine texture which is nice and when applied, it looks natural but matte. When you’re done staring at the powder, flip the cylinder around to the bottom and screw open the brush!


Slide down the brush holder and use the brush to collect the powder. Swirl it into the container and all the powder will collect onto the brush really easily. This is so easy. You can do this in the car and in this case, I’m taking all my photos on my bed and yes, that is my leg.


The brush is actually pretty good quality and is quite soft so there are no complaints here. It’s for sure an upgrade from the average in package brush and it collects and disperses powder quite well. It’s not the best brush in the world but it’s for sure a step above satisfactory.


So what happens when you swirl it on? Well here is my before and after picture. That before is me after a semi long day but I am for sure “glowing” and feeling really quite tired. Even my lipstick has faded! After swirling the powder onto the face, you can see that I’m for sure more matte. I look more flawless too as my pores are reduced. Hmmm what else can I see? I guess overall, I look more polished and less “greasy”! The powder offers no coverage or color which is nice.


Overall, I really don’t know what I’d do without this Benefit Agent Zero Shine. I still remember having to carry a seperate powder brush and powder along or having to use dirty sponges in my compact. Now, it’s hygienic, smart, and does the job! It’s seriously 5/5 and solves many problems that I have touching up outside. I even do this on the bus or in the car! You should seriously check it out :)

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