Update and MAC 187, worth it?

Hey beauties,

I know for all of you out there who watch my youtube videos, you’re probably thinking i’m a crazy cat for being such a make-up shop-a-holic in aussieland haha and spending ridic amounts of money on make up but don’t fret, I have a reason :P I’ve never really bought MAC or other high end brands until I got to Australia, actually at all because I told myself that when I go to uni, that I would allow myself to do this and I’ve honestly never been happier.

The thing is, although I think drugstore make-up is great, the quality in certain products from higher end brands cannot really be surpassed. For example, powders from MAC including the MAC MSFs and the Blot powder are unbeatable. I’ve tried other drugstore products in powder but I could never get that flawless look with them. I can really see the quality in higher end products, I’ve realized, and these higher end products make very good investments. I use em everyday, so I can lean in on a littler pampering :P And c’mon, the morning make up routine for me is so much better when I know i’m using the brands I worship on youtube. It makes my morning. I haven’t been unsatisfied with a single high end product keeping to the fact that I think every penny is worth it when I buy them thus far..well mainly because I stalk them on youtube for a LONG time before getting them.

Francois NARS has become one of my all time idols for making NARS. It’s a beautiful brand, there’s a certain something to it (kind of like things you can’t really place your finger on) that I absolutely love. I love their products but using it feels so exclusive, it makes you feel special. It’s weird how make-up can do that, well a certain brand that is…I guess it’s like a louis vuitton bag. Haha.


It’s so expensive though :(

HOWEVER, drugstore products, especially and I say especially in big bold letters, mascara, is better than higher end mascaras. Well I can only say that with little proof but drugstore mascaras rock. Especially Rimmel Glam Eyes Mascara and I totally would ask you to invest in this because it is beautiful. It kicks Lancome’s hypnose out the door!


I’ve switched to liquid foundation too, and here’s to say, I’m using a drugstore foundation, Rimmel’s Lasting Finish foundation, which I found to be wonderful. I haven’t yet tried higher end foundations like MUFE, but I’m not really excited to look into that yet. I’m more of a one foundation at a time person. I don’t buy eyeshadows either becuase I have palettes from when I started make-up so I don’t need them nor do I purchase multiple make up primers or brow stuff or bronzers…or eyeliners..(I recently got blacktrack and dumped the maybelline one so it doesn’t count)… I only really go all out on brushes, and blushes :P

I’ve recently ordered another haul from a certain website: allcosmeticswholesale.com based in the US, which sells all authentic products from higher end brands, have a number of youtube reviews and sell limited edition and discontinued MAC products. When I chanced upon this website, I just could not resist myself. They even have OPI nail polishes. I won’t tell you what I got because wouldn’t that spoil the haul video coming up in about 2-3 weeks? haha. Check it out though!

Sneak Peak:

& Guess what, I don’t own a SINGLE lip gloss :P

That being said, should I get the famous MAC 187? Is it worth it, I really really really want it haha, but it is of course a pricy investment and I’ve been stalking it for a month already. Hmm..decisions, decisions. Let me know about how you love/hate your MAC 187 :)

Check my youtube for more updates. Sorry I haven’t been updating onsugar much!




  • everbluec

    NIce… I also start my makeup using mostly drugstore brand… but my first ever lipstick I have was by maxfactor (which is a counter brand when we have it in Singapore… think 15 over yrs ago!) Now… we don’t have maxfactor and it become so cheap at US!

    But my first ever face stuff was covergirl! lolx when I was 12yrs old (I was so young then!)

    And I can’t wait to see your haul videos in 2 to 3 weeks time!!!

  • xbeanie

    hey dear! glad to see you’re happy in uni! anyway im loving my 187, i find that its really great for applying my makeup evenly, especially loose blushes from edm and stuff. i’ve started to use it for liquid foundation and i’d say it really gives an airbrushed look (: hope this helps!

  • piecesofmeg

    Agreed, i love drugstore mascara! Why spend so much on a beauty product that has to be disposed of like every 4-6 months right?

    I got the 187 last year after much debate and it’s definately worth it. I like to use it for liquid makeup to give that airbrushed finish. However, i’m really careful when i use it and take a rather long time (but that’s just me) so when im in a rush i don’t reach for this hah. But it’s def a brush to invest in.

  • Effomyuncoosy

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  • roseannetangrs

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