CBS Newsanchor Gets Called “Fat” & this is Her Beautiful & Epic Response

Hey Everyone!

You totally need to watch the video and I seriously can’t agree enough. I’ve never really talked about my weight and to be honest, I’ve never been the skinny girl or the girl with perfect legs and arms. I’m kind of the odd one out especially here in Singapore where I feel most of the population is stunningly skinny and the newspapers are full of London Weight Management ads and slimming centres. I’ve tried this diet, that exercise but for some reason I just end up figuring myself out and asking what in the world am I trying to do. I can’t count the number of times where someone has said “Roseanne, you’re beautiful but if you lost x amount of weight, you would look like a supermodel.” AND “Roseanne, you’re beautiful, but too bad you’re fat.” Trust me, I’ve had it countless number of times, even from my loved ones. I remember never being alright with my weight and worse still, the comments people made about me or the looks they gave me didn’t help either.

When you call someone fat or large, don’t ever think that it’s just a small thing and you’re just trying to make them “improve”. When I was 14, I went into a severe depression. To be honest, I wasn’t obese at all but my family wanted me to lose a few extra pounds so that I would look “better”. I became anorexic and had an eating disorder I couldn’t shake off. I kept comparing myself to other people and was never satisfied with who I was. Thankfully, I realised that hey, it’s not so bad to have more of me in this world.

I never had a problem with my weight, it was everyone else who seemed to have a problem with it. Too bad. It’s okay to have curves. It’s hot. You should work it girl! You are much more than a number on a scale. Lift your gorgeous head up and don’t forget to be known for your kindness, intelligence, patience and virtues. Let a light shine from your heart that is absolutely unforgettable and don’t let people put it out. When someone says something rude about me, I just let it go and you should too. Forgive them for what they said, do something nice in return and they will automatically see that what they said was wrong and mean. There’s so much more to a person than what’s on the outside and it’s all a perception. You’re beautiful, you really are :)