February 3, 2014

Why I Went Back to Black Hair at Organic Hair Professional

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Hey Everyone!


I guess I just wanted to tell everyone..that I’m back! If you were right in front of me, you’d probably look at me funny and all for good reason. To be honest, when I went brunette I just didn’t feel like myself. All of 2013, I just felt like I was trying to be somebody else so today, we say hello to the well…original me. I guess going black for me means a lot to me. For one, I don’t ever have to worry about looking like a two toned squirrel with my roots again and secondly, I don’t have to damage my hair anymore by retouching it every month. But frankly, I went back to black because it’s just me and I don’t have to feel pressured like I have to dye my hair six different colors and make it ombre like everyone else. So today, we say hello again to the individual, unique and orginal me even though it’s just me going back to my natural hair color! Yay! :)


I went back to my trusty stylist Kim at Organic Hair Professional on River Valley Road to do the honours. I really love their services because they use basically all organic hair products and their salon is so beautiful. It’s so peaceful and there are no chemical smells at all. Everything is super natural and my hair has really improved and has become more healthy because of them. I really honestly recommend their services and if you haven’t tried them yet, please do the next time you need a cut or color. You can call them at +65 6732 9088 or I usually always use Tab-A-Salon to book them online.


Anyway, here goes! When I asked Kim if anyone dyes their hair black like I’m doing now, He shook his head and chuckled a bit “Only aunties who want to touch up their hair”. For him, he was unsure and I could see he was hesitant about what it would look like. He’s never seen me with black hair before so you can’t blame the guy! I was a little nervous too but I knew what I had to do.


They’re super thorough with their work at Organic Hair Professional. Kim took a section of hair, would apply the dye, pull and comb through, apply again and repeat the process. I just loved how there are no chemical smells whatsoever and it’s all so natural. This is what makes this place so special in my heart. Usually I would be gasping for hair in a regular salon but it’s so chill here, I super love it.


Here’s me with all the dye in my hair! Kim then wraps this up in Ceram wrap and waits for about 20 minutes!


After the wait, it’s off to the shower area where Kim shampoos, conditions and treats my hair with organic hair products. There’s no smell at all. I just can’t get over that. It smells amazing actually.


Oh my gosh, my hair is black! Back to black. It’s like me again! Intially I have to be honest, I was a bit shocked. I look really different when I colour my hair so I was seriously trying to get used to it. I had to keep telling myself that this is what I looked like for the majority of my life and most of my blog as well. Kim said that the black may look a little strong now but it will fade a bit naturally to a natural black that has a bit of brown in the sunlight which is what I was born with.


So there we have it. Hi guys or..Hey Everyone! I just feel like myself again. I know you all might think black is boring since everyone has brown hair now but I think that it doesn’t matter. I just feel so much happier now. I guess I can’t really explain it.


By the way guys, I’ve moved to a new house so expect a room tour soon! Hehe. Also I just wanted to thank Organic Hair Professional for doing such a fabulous job again with my hair!  Please give them a visit at: 376 River Valley Rd, Singapore 248282 and call them at +65 6732 9088

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