August 30, 2012

Introducing Ujene Skincare from Switzerland – Haul & First Impressions! + 50% OFF Discount Giveaway!

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Switzerland is probably known for chocolate, a stack of beautiful mountains and of course natural solutions for skincare. Ujene Skincare is an international icon from Switzerland made with only the finest and purest Swiss ingredients  so when they contacted me, I couldn’t resist checking them out. In fact, so much detail goes into this skincare line that every ingredient can be traced back to its source and origin!

The Puriste Collagen Collection aims to do three things – plumps, firms and lifts instantly. The main ingredient in all of these babies is something called OVILUXE. It is a top grade stuff that is natural, bio compatible, cell adhesive and 99% purity triple helix collagen. With OVILUXE, your skin becomes a moisture-magnet , plumping up with vital moisture within your skin. It is also free from parabens, formaldhydes, PEG’s, mineral oils, paraffins, essential oils and synthetic fragrances and dyes amongst others. So if you have sensitive skin, this is probably a holy grail product for you! Here’s a showcase of the collection and my first impressions!

1. Ujene Skincare Puriste Collagen Serum (SGD$130)

Serums are great additions to your skincare because they provide concentrated amounts of special ingredients to treat your skin. The Ujene Skincare Puriste Collagen Serum is 10% of Ujene skincare’s star of the show – OVILUXE – that can help revive and give you even a “natural face lift”. This serum in particular also contains Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and other natural botanical extracts like Aloe Vera and Ginseng that provided anti-oxidant nourishment and aims to firm, refine and brighten your complexion.

Serums should be applied just after cleansing and toning and before your moisturiser and after skin care like sunscreen. I absolutely love the eye-dropper. It makes it easier to apply. I feel like because serums are so concentrated, you only need 1-2 drops for your entire face. I simply spread across my face the really nice gel texture and then I pat it into the skin. This one feels a bit sticky at first but does dry nice and smooth.

2. Ujene Skincare Puriste Collagen Day Cream (SGD$120)

The  Ujene Skincare Puriste Collagen Day Cream uses skin stimulating natural lipids to help your skin achieve both hydration and cell renewal. Not only does it contain OVILUXE, it also contains Aldeluxe which is proven to boost Collagen production up to 300% in only 7 days and protect against UVA and DNA damage. Stocked with antioxidants, it helps stimulate turnover of dead skin to reveal a more youthful and plumper complexion.

The texture of the day cream is amazing. It is a luxurious and light texture that blends beautifully into the skin without feeling heavy or oily which is an important trait of any day cream because you want to be able to apply your make-up over it. We’ll have to see about the skin-care effects though! In fact, the whole thing about what Collagen I and Collagen III does is a bit different. Collagen Type III is termed the “youth collagen” because when we are 4 years old, about 90% of the collagen in our body is Collagen Type III but when we are 50 years old, we start producing Collagen Type I so that’s why Ujene uses Collagen Type III to make our skin youthful.

3. Ujene Skincare Puriste Collagen Eye Gel (SGD$70)

The Puriste Collagen Eye Gel deeply moisturises skin around the eye and is a blend of eye actives, OVILUXE and claims to reduce eye-bags in just 14 days. Your skin around your eye should look plumper, smoother and lines should just disappear. Antioxidants like Vitamin C ensure that your eye is well protected from free radicals and other  harmful environmental elements.

To be honest, eye creams and eye gels don’t do much for me. I don’t normally have large eye-bags or swollen eyes nor do I have wrinkles around the area. Could be that I’m just 21, but I’ll hover over the fact that it’s  just not part of my package. Nonetheless, it does absorb nicely into the skin without greasiness and would be a great addition to anyone who do have puffy eyes.

So there we have it! If you have sensitive skin, need firming and plumping via premium Collagen with the science to back it up, you might want to give it a try!

50% Discount Offer ——The lovely people at Ujene Skincare were kind enough to offer an amazing 50% discount for the first 30 purchases for my readers who are in Singapore only! If you would like to try this range and want to take advantage of this amazing 50% discount, please comment in the comment section below and I will email you the discount code – for the first thirty people who  want to!  Simply comment with why you’d like to try it out! Check out their website and online store at:

*NOTE: The previous code “Roseanne” no longer works. Unfortunately, this offer is only for people residing in Singapore so a new discount code has been created. If you live in Singapore, this is for you!

Thank you for your sponsorship Ujene Skincare!

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