January 29, 2010

SG_Beauty Haul – I had to give in! (NARS, MAC, OPI)

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Hey Everyone,

I hate it when youtube stills turn out like that :P

Anyway..So one of the posts on SG_Beauty really caught my eye last week, well mostly because it had NARS blushes, so I took the two :) I did a meet and greet with the lovely Clare who happened to be a subscriber and collected the following:

1. OPI Nail polishes in (From L to R): Glove you so much, Lincoln Park At Midnight, Meet and Jingle

I absolutely love the formulas of OPI Nailpolishes – they give the right coverage with only a sweep of color and I love the packaging – professional, classy and beautiful. SO of course when I saw these babies, especially the shades of red, i just had to get my hands on them. Glove you so much is a dark garnet with blackberry hues, I decided that it should be my nail color of the week:

2. NARS Blushes – Passion & Dolce Vita

Honestly, the picture makes the blushes look dead, especially passion, but they’re beautiful. Passion is a matte peach shade (not tan colored like it is in the picture) thats absolutely lovely on the cheeks – its peachier than orgasm minus the shimmer. Dolce Vita was surprisingly pigmented, and I found myself unaccustomed to it and buffing it out after. But I know I will apply it with a lighter hand the next time I use it- its a matte dusty rose color that would look stunning during the winter.

Here’s my attempt at a swatch:

Passion & Dolce Vita NARS Blushes

3. MAC Frost Lipstick – Bombshell

Yesterday I was at my friends house and I was reading Seventeen magazine ( The US version) and they noted that pink lipsticks go well on asians! Woot, and I can’t agree enough – well on me at least. I am absolutely loving MAC’s lipstick in bombshell – not an over the top pink thats soft but still has an edge. My first MAC lipstick and honestly, I’m hooked.

4. MAC Groundwork Paintpot

First off, the shade looks nothing like it is when its on skin, its much darker shade of brown that gives oomph to sultry smoky neutral eyes, It’s my first MAC paintpot woot, now what? haha:

And Clare was nice enough to throw in a freebie:

5. MAC Zoom Lash (mini)

Honestly – not that great a mascara – volume but no curl :(

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