January 31, 2010

MAC Blot Powder VS MAC MSF Natural – What’s the Diff?

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Hello Everyone!

I was requested by the lovely Laura or Spinnelrain on Youtube who asked the following:

Confronted with the same question when I first decided to purchase the MAC Mineralized Skinifinish Natural, of course I wanted to fufill this request.

Right off the bat, in my opinion, you shouldn’t substitute the MAC MSF for the MAC Blot Powder. I can’t say which one is better because they’re both my holy grail powders, I can’t choose one because they’re for totally different purposes. I wouldn’t set my foundation without the MAC MSF and I wouldn’t have an on the go touch up powder without the blot powder, so here is my take:

If someone came up to me and asked: “yoyoyo! can you use the MSF Natural instead of the Blot powder”. Nope. The MSF Natural is a powder used to set your foundation giving a flawless subtle glow but the deal is, it has coverage meaning piling this on throughout the day could lead to a quite caked up face. Not cool. Plus it doesn’t really mattify your face – I still have oilies mid-day if I don’t use my blot powder! Its a flawless finish but not in terms of oil control.

AND vice versa – also not cool. Unless you have flawless skin already, using the blot powder to set your foundation can lead to I’ve realized a slightly fairer tone (not in a good way though) and its a translucent powder so don’t even think of trying to hide additional flaws without any coverage! Its great on the go though – minimizes pores while its at it. :)

They’re both very different products, both wonderful, and I also suggest buying both.

I know its short but hope this helps!


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