MAC Blot Powder VS MAC MSF Natural – What’s the Diff?

Hello Everyone!

I was requested by the lovely Laura or Spinnelrain on Youtube who asked the following:

Confronted with the same question when I first decided to purchase the MAC Mineralized Skinifinish Natural, of course I wanted to fufill this request.

Right off the bat, in my opinion, you shouldn’t substitute the MAC MSF for the MAC Blot Powder. I can’t say which one is better because they’re both my holy grail powders, I can’t choose one because they’re for totally different purposes. I wouldn’t set my foundation without the MAC MSF and I wouldn’t have an on the go touch up powder without the blot powder, so here is my take:

If someone came up to me and asked: “yoyoyo! can you use the MSF Natural instead of the Blot powder”. Nope. The MSF Natural is a powder used to set your foundation giving a flawless subtle glow but the deal is, it has coverage meaning piling this on throughout the day could lead to a quite caked up face. Not cool. Plus it doesn’t really mattify your face – I still have oilies mid-day if I don’t use my blot powder! Its a flawless finish but not in terms of oil control.

AND vice versa – also not cool. Unless you have flawless skin already, using the blot powder to set your foundation can lead to I’ve realized a slightly fairer tone (not in a good way though) and its a translucent powder so don’t even think of trying to hide additional flaws without any coverage! Its great on the go though – minimizes pores while its at it. :)

They’re both very different products, both wonderful, and I also suggest buying both.

I know its short but hope this helps!


  • noppi

    If someone came up to me and asked: “yoyoyo! can you use the MSF Natural instead of the Blot powder”.

    Haha, I lolled at the YOYOYO. :DD

  • icyabstract

    Lol at the ‘yoyoyo!’ comic relief. I’ve been thinking about getting the MAC Blot powder for such a long time now… maybe I should soon. I don’t know…. *still indecisive about it*

  • roseannetangrs

    noppi: hahah :P

    icyabstract: well if you have oilyish skin and need a touch up powder for that, this is such a great powder! get it!

  • everbluec

    Sara: My sister love blot powder!!! Can really see her super oily face become more matte and it start thruout the day!

    She have acne skin.. and I also notice that her acne start to clear also, I guess keeping the oil away help to minimize the chance for her acnes to grow! lolx

    I have MSF.. I find that bit glowly (but I l like it as a touching up powder! hahaha)

  • heavenlygorgeous

    These two babies are my HG too!! And i never regret spending every single cent on it. ;)

  • icyabstract

    Ahh you girls are making me want to get it. haha!

  • heavenlygorgeous

    We are the EVIL TEMPTRESSSSSSSSS!!! :p

  • purplio

    hehe, really quite evil! i am not so into MSF as i am a matte makeup person with the exception of subtle highlights. i am lemming for the blot powder however :p

  • roseannetangrs

    both of these powders are so worth it! though hahah

  • icefrost

    Thanks for the review! Oh i heard that you just had you birthday, so happy belated birthday! :)

  • amyrleex

    this post is sooooo tempting me to get the Mac MSFs… EVIL onsugarr.. haha! :)

  • roseannetangrs

    thanks icefrost!!

    hahah amyrleex, i want so many things thanks to onsugar and youtube!

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