How-To Tutorial: Natural Make-up For Fall/Winter!

Hey Everyone!

I know that in other parts of the world, you’re taking out your floaties and your ripped jean shorts but here in Australia, any safe cove with warm air has become my best friend. It’s winter in Australia, so I thought I might do a pretty look for fall/winter that is natural enough to wear for any occasion! To create the look, all you need is a set of neutral eye colors, a glowy peach blush and sandwash pink lips. The combination gives you a bit of color that’s not too overwhelming, but it’s best shown than explained so view the video tutorial right here:

Here are the key elements of the look!

1. Use a Peachy Glowy Blush! 

Just like the autumn leaves, you want to match the auburn and the orange and reds with a pretty peach blush. I’m using the Sleek Rose Gold which I originally bought because I thought it was a dupe for the NARS orgasm but it’s actually much peachier than that. You want to avoid the dullness of winter by having a slightly shimmery blush to put the glow back. This is great to complement the brown eyeshadows on your eyes.

 2. Time for Neutral Colors for Fall! 

I think the most natural color to wear is obviously browns, creams and tans. But, to pair up with the blush, I used orange and gold from the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette (any brand of eyeshadow you like is fine) to create the base so that there is a tiny tinge that matches the blush. Don’t make it overwhelming though as this is a natural look. I also did a bit of smokey smokey with a dark plum on my outer corner and touched up with a matte black.

 3. Matte Pink Lips to Top the Look!

If you’re going to have glowing cheeks, try to change things up by having a matte pink lip. I’m using the Bobbi Brown Sandwash Pink lipstick that complements the look nicely. You can opt for a peachier lipstick but this one is more natural I feel and more “daily” as they say. It kind of reminds me of Barbie’s lip color, just a little more subtle!

And then you are finished!  Just remember to stay warm!

 It was chilly filming this tutorial in the cold! I look forward to meeting you all this Saturday during the meet-up! By the way, you can also pin these pictures just by hovering over them and clicking the big pin button if you’re on pinterest! Follow me on pinterest right here: or if you’re picture crazy like I am, follow me on Instagram with username: roseannetangrs !