May 17, 2011

Urban Decay Naked Palette Tutorial: Naturally Sultry

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Hey Everyone!


The Urban Decay Naked Palette is one of the most talked about palettes that has ever hit online makeup shores. And, it’s to no suprise. If you’re like me, let’s face it. No matter how many tutorials there are telling you how to apply those intense and ultra funky colors of the rainbow on your lids, the only thing that’s going to see you during the day time with ultra colorful eyes is your own vanity mirror. Of course, this doesn’t apply to everyone and I’m certainly not against it. Makeup is an expression and you can and should wear it any way you’d like. Personally though, I like the natural browns, blacks and any variation of it during the day time. Call me boring but I might be a bit adventurous with a plum shade during the day, but I’m quite reserved when it comes to color.

That being said, if you’re just like me, having the Naked Palette in your hands is like a dream come true. With metallic and matte shades, the palette features browns, nudes, tans, blacks and silvers. Unfortunately, Urban Decay isn’t available in Australia and always seems to be sold out when you’re asking the befuddled sales assistants at Sephora but a wonderful friend gave one to me because she bought two and had no use for it. What luck, I know!

So, to put it to good use is my mission. I’ll be making a new series of roseannebeauty Urban Decay Naked Palette Tutorials. They’ll be feautring wearable and neutral good looking looks that are great during the day-time for work or play. Today’s look is called “Naturally Sultry”, I had a few suggestions about calling it Naked somehow but I didn’t want to be too controversial. Plus, a naked look would look more nude I reckon and this one is more..sultry.

Let’s Get Started!

Step 1: Add a Primer – a totally essential step when it comes to eye-shadows. It’s a must if you want to keep your shadows from creasing and want to make sure your shadows are vivid throughout the day.

Step 2 – Add a golden shadow or in this case, Half-Baked, all over your lids.

As with all looks, eye-shadow is simple. You need two colors basically. One lighter all over the lid and a darker shade in the crease and outer corner blended out.

Step 3: Use a blending brush and pick up a dark shadowy plum like Hustle. I love using blending brushes to apply color. They make sure everything is blended flawlessly and don’t add too much color so that it’s uncessary for the day time. In this case, this is a necessary step because this shadow in particular and actually all UD shadows are very pigmented, great quality and blend flawlessly. They are my favourite eye-shadows. Some tend to be a little too glittery though and are quite a bummer to clean up when there is fall-out.

Step 4: Use the blending brush and blend into the outer corner of your eye. This adds dimension and makes your eyes more defined and thus larger.

Step 5: Use a Pencil Brush to pick up a dirty brown color like Smog. I love pencil brushes. They’re great for precise application of your eye-shadow, especially in lining or specific crease-work.

Step 6: Use the shadow and brush and line your waterline with the color

You’ll end up with something like this!


Step 7: Use the same pencil brush and pick up a black like Creep.


Step 8: Yep, I’m not using a conventional liner for this tutorial. Simply line your eyes with the shadow. This creates a less harsh look and when you add mascara, will put your lashes in the spotlight instead.

Step 9: With fluffy blending brush, blend away any harsh lines for a flawless, gradient effect.

Step 10: Add your mascara!

and you are finished! :) A great smokey look you can do with the Naked Palette!

I hope you liked this tutorial!




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