HAUL: Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland & Smashbox! – MINI REVIEWS ADDED :D

Hey Everyone,

You might have already seen this post because I did a video about it a few days ago(?) BUT this time it’s cooler because not only is it really early in the morning and I’m more prone to typing nonsense (just kidding) I have tried some of the Smashbox products already but of course haven’t wanted to touch the AIW yet.

Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Palette

Yes, you’re already probably fed up with seeing this palette posted up on everyone’s onsugar blog but I have to say that it seriously just grabbed my macbook off my favourite thing throne and threw it on the floor. (ok well not throw, more like place down lightly..on a pillow…to the side a bit..ok..can :S). TO ALL the people who offered to help me get it in Singapore to send to Australia, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I finally settled with the no shipping option with my good friend Tammy already studying fashion design at RMIT in Melbourne so she could bring it over for me! Thanks Tammay.

I have wanted this for so long. First off, I’m not sure why you wouldn’t take this offer – 16 eyeshadows, 2 24/7 liners and mini urban decay primer potion only for $88 but most importantly DISNEY COLLECTORS Item with a resale value of already over $150 on ebay. Can you imagine how much its going to be worth in 10 years? Commerce side of me put..aside, I won’t sell this in a million years unless of course, I’m on the street with a paper cup in hand and I’m desperate. But the downsides? Not travel friendly ( I wouldn’t risk it). I honestly can’t think of much. I’ve seen and touched and have Urban Decay eyeshadows and they are quality eyeshadows for sure. I’m very happy with the purchase and I can’t even bring myself to touch it just yet.

and I’m gonna be different and not show you whats inside :)


That day, my parents just left to go back to Singapore :( Well when Roseanne is sad, Roseanne goes to a mall and the mall I chose was Melbourne Central  hahah. I initally just wanted to get some household things though, never expecting the surprise that awaited! Well in Melbourne Central, there is a store called ZUZA which is equivalent to a very mini version of Sephora selling mainly perfumes and selected brands of makeup like Smashbox, Bloom, Bare Minerals etc and they were having a sale. 3 Bins were offered in front of me, the first $10, second $15 and when I got to the $22 bin, it was filled up with Smashbox items. The only thing I’ve tried from Smashbox is their photofinish so I was excited to get my hands on discounted products. YAY.

Here is what I purchased:

A Few Mini Reviews

1. Smashbox O-Glow: I’ve tried a little and its upsettingly dissapointing. Doesn’t turn pink enough to be seen and feels like I’m just adding silicone to the cheeks. If you haven’t heard of this, its a microcirculating gel that comes out clear and applies pink to give you that perfect flush. Not really.

2. Smashbox Bionic Mascara: LOVE THIS. Love this mascara to bits. It doesn’t clump, extends and curls. Gives the right volume as well which is hard for lashes like mine. I don’t know if I could really afford the non discounted version of this though so it’s not exactly sustainable.

3. Smashbox Trio in ON STAGE: LOVELY. The trio consists a shimmering nude (all over colour), matte beige (great for highlight, especially the brows) and darker reddish brown (contour colour). I love the shimmering nude, such a beautiful shade and its so pigmented, creamy and not over the top glittery at all so there is no fall out – thank the heavens, I despise fall out. The matte beige makes a lovely brow highlight. I need swatches – later :D

4. Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Liner: I love this one, its not creamy at all like the MAC Blacktrack Fluidline and sort of reminiscent of a ink tablet that you use for Chinese writing and I like it that way. I feel that I’m not getting a chunk of product on my eye sometimes, just true colour. Stays on all day and its awesome!

5. Smashbox Brow Tech in Smashing Brunette: Absolutely in love with this. I’ve never seen a more pigmented brow powder and the wax (i’ve never used a wax before) keeps everything in place. WONDERFUL :) So cute too.

Will Update Later!