Last Meet-up with bloggers before I leave- Mini Sarah Celebration & Shopping!

Hey Everyone,

I had a wonderful time today!! Met up with Diana, Sarah, Kas, Sophia, Anonymous Bosch, Amy, Chantana, Elaine, Honey and Munirah! We all gathered at Pacific Coffee @ Vivocity and gave the lovely Sarah whose birthday was just a few days ago a surprise cake and celebration and we then headed to MAC then Inuovi where Sarah had a 40% birthday discount! Some of us, including me went out the stores a little lighter in the wallet before we munched our way through Carls Junior burgers and ended the outing with a $2 spree at Daiso. It was lovely meeting all of you, including Anonymous Bosch (did not want to be featured :) ) Honey, Munirah and Elaine who I have not met previously. I will miss you all when I leave!

Here’s a picture vlog!


Lovely Group Picture!

Elaine & Honey at Pacific Company :)

chit-chatting :)

the yummy birthday cake!

Birthday girl forgot to blow out the candle before cutting the cake! haha

Yum! Cake.

Sophia with Daiso Cat Ears! haha

And because I said I left this outing with a lighter wallet, here is what I bought:

1. MAC 168 – okay Sara, this is your fault. KIDDING haha. I wanna try this for Contouring. I’ve tried angled brushes before and never liked it, but when I picked this up from the Lilyland display, played with its bristles, and felt it in my hand, I just knew. You know that feeling.

2. MAC Pencil Sharpener – needed one for my new Urban Decay Pencils – I’m a brand whore.

3. MAC Cremesheen Shy Girl Lipstick – I’ve wanted this lipstick for very long – its supposed to be a rosy natural nude that I can wear everyday and I’m very pleased. It’s def. leaning on the nude side but doesn’t show that much in the picature. Here is a lip swatch!:

4. Inuovi Brush Cleanser – Heard rave reviews from the lovely Sarah! And I must say it takes EVERYTHING off :) i needed a hardy brush cleaner for my MAC 187 white bristles because my foundation had an attachment problem with them. But now I’ve finally filed a divorce with this! Absolutely wonderful!

I cant believe Im leaving on Wed!




  • honeyxkaori

    It was wonderful meeting you! *hugs* Will miss you when you are gone, so make more vidoes!!!

  • roseannetangrs

    It was lovely meeting you Honey too!! *hugs* and I will!

  • noppi

    ah, i want to see you in person but always got something else going on when there’s a blogger meetup> :(

    When you visit sg, I want to see you okay :)

    *just realised that I sound like Im a stalker

  • heartbeam

    Hahah, i bought the UD sharpener especially for my UD eyeliners!! Wow, take care of yourself!! :) And update your twitter if you don’t get a chance to blog or make videos! :D

  • educatedbiatch

    awww!! I am really sad that you’re leaving. Maybe because i know how it feels like. We had fun just now. Thanks for coming. Love how shygirl looks super awesome on you!I hope you get all your MAC stuff stocked up before you leave :) I wish you all the best Roseanne dear.

  • retail_therapy

    *hugs* it was fab seeing you again today :)

    And you got the 168! It is a nice brush for blusher and contouring! :) I wish the hairs aren’t so white though… always makes me feel so heart pain when I use it … :p

  • icyabstract

    Aw it’s sad you’re going already! Be back soon alright (:

    Ooh and yes I love Shy Girl lippie, it’s a great everyday shade (in my opinion). I was so afraid it’ll be LE but I don’t think it is… right? I mean they aren’t going to replace it if a new creemsheen line comes out.. right? Worried..

  • heavenlygorgeous

    Have a safe journey, Roseannelove! I don’t know when i can really meet you. But nevermind. We shall meet up one day yea. :)

  • eclecticsatire

    Have a safe flight! All the best with the new semester! Update often! :-)

  • Pearlin Siow

    hey roseanne, have a good trip home & let me know when you’re back so that i can invite you for more workshops :

  • everbluec

    Gonna miss you so much!! Next time you come back home… We gonna have alot of meet up!!! And attack the Etude House together again ^___^

    OOh.. I love the pic of Sophia wearing the ears (So Kawaii ne~)

  • forensia

    Too bad i can’t join you ladies today!!
    Anyways, have a safe trip back and we shall meet in ur videos before you come back for another break! XD

  • miwitch

    love the nude lipstick!! =) dun celebration u all got there ^_^

  • icefrost

    I would love to meet you! But maybe next time :) have a safe trip!!!

  • FacesBySarah

    do take care. im gng to miss u, lil one!! :(

  • purplio

    great to see u again! all the best in ur studies back and aust :) take care dear!

  • Anonymous Bosch

    Thanks so much, Roseanne! It was a pleasure to meet you and here’s wishing you all the best in your studies and I’m already looking forward to your future posts and videos! Cheers. :)

  • roseannetangrs

    THANKS SO MUCH everyone!!! :D:DWill greatly miss you all and can’t wait to come back to Singapore to do more meetups and workshops with you all! :)

  • mun-

    heyy! i could CP the AiW palette for you if you want (:

  • roseannetangrs

    aw thanks so much love, but no worries :D my friend already has gotten it for me. Thanks so much love!!

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