Review: Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation

Hey Everyone!

The Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse foundation has always been a product on the shelf that I’ve fo sho been curious about. I’ve wondered whether it had good enough coverage, if it was indeed a matte foundation and silly enough, whether it was slick enough to slide off. Until I bought it. I have to say that the first two mentioned traits are pretty true, but the latter will have to pass. Today, I’ll be doing a review about the much talked about the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation and whether its supposedly tried and tested claims hold true.

What are the product claims?

The Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse foundation is undoubtedly a mousse and comes in pot rather than a bottle. It has a very slick and smooth texture that applying any other cream products on it is rather difficult. It has a true to matte finish with great coverage depending on the tool you use.

Maybelline Claims that the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation has:

1. Perfect Coverage for 100% Velvet Matte Perfection

2. Ideal for Normal to Oily Skin

3. Won’t Clog Pores/Non-Comodogenic

Let’s see if these claims hold at the end of this review!

Applying this Foundation:

This foundation is best applied when the mousse is pressed into the skin. That is the only way it blends with the skin and provides the most coverage. There are three different ways you can apply this foundation and I’ve realised that each method produces a different finish:

1. Hands: 100% Full Coverage. With your fingers, sweep some of the product onto your fingers and smooth and blend onto face.

2. Brush: Medium Coverage. It’s a bit difficult because you can’t press the foundation into the skin as well and you will have flaky bits falling off that isn’t attractive if you have a nice outfit on. It does not provide as much coverage as if you were to use your clean hands.

3. Sponge: Medium to Light Coverage: Out of all three ways to apply this foundation, this brings on the least coverage for a more natural look but you’ll need to pile on more foundation if you were to use a sponge instead of your hands.

You can see the particles which is exactly why it’s best when you use your fingers so you can press those particles into the skin.

Once spreaded evenly, it produces the most flawless finish ever, no joke. A little tip on the color. When you swatch your regular color in Maybelline with this foundation, it will appear lighter than normal. It is safe to say go one shade darker or you can use the same shade. With full coverage foundations, I don’t suggest totally going out and about and being active in it. Use it sparingly for nights out or photoshoots if you really need that full on coverage. You also do not want to go overboard with this, you will look like you are wearing a mask otherwise. Be careful!

After a powder application, it always becomes more flawless.

Pretty good job on the pores as well!

So What do I think?

Excellent. Excellent if you’re into full coverage foundations. If not, you could be going for a less natural look than normal. It’s a very and absolutley matte finish, probably the most matte foundation that I’ve tried. It lasts about 4-5 hours which is the usual rate but will not hold that matte finish throughout the day. You will still need to carry your blotters with you. Saying this, let’s look at the claims once again.

1. Perfect Coverage for 100% Velvet Matte Perfection?

Perfect Coverage only if you apply with your fingers.  For sure a velvet matte finish, even applying my studio finish concealer on top would slide off the stuff, very smooth and silicone feeling.

2. Ideal for Normal to Oily Skin?

Yes. Oily skin and normal skin people can use this but I would not reccomend it for people with dry skin.

3. Won’t Clog Pores/Non-Comodogenic?

I had no breakouts from this product!

Overall, a great product if you’re looking for full coverage and a matte finish but remember to apply this with your fingers!

Have you tried this foundation before and what do you think?