Roseannebeauty Ultimate Lipstick Series! – Anna Sui Dolly Girl Lipstick Review

Hey Everyone!

Sorry for the 11 or so days I haven’t blogged. I feel so out of touch with my online self but it’s exam season and I’m sure you’re ether quite familiar or currently also traumatised. You get the idea.

For the next month or so, we shall immerse ourselves here in roseannebeauty land in a lipstick jungle. Although that phrase seems to be present in every metropolitan like movie, I’m not quite sure what it means. Either way, I’ll be hitching a ride and telling you to come along on my new series – the roseannebeauty Ultimate Lipstick Series – showcasing the drugstore and later department store lipsticks that I have tried out so far and my own personal take on them. Let’s go to the department store first.

In total, I have tried out seven different department store lipsticks, despite possibly having a few of each. I’ve taken one of each and I understand that each brand has different types of lipsticks but here are the ones that I’ve taken for a spin and probably even more than that. In the coming month, we’ll be looking at the Anna Sui Dolly Girl Lipstick, MAC Lustre Lipsticks, Benefit Lipsticks, YSL Rouge Volupte, Chanel Rouge Allure, Guerlain Kiss Kiss and Shiseido Perfect Rouge/Tender Sheer Lipstick. Here are some pre-season swatches:

The stars of the show:

Anna Sui Dolly Girl Lipstick Review – On the Beach

To start off the series, I’ve decided to start with the Anna Sui Dolly Girl Lipstick. The one I have was from the On the Beach collection, in shade 02. This one is a pretty interesting lipstick in the department store that we either love or hate. All Anna Sui products have a rose scent that may be an annoying asset to have to deal with for some but for others, it’s heaven on earth. Personally, I don’t hate it or love it and most lipsticks will come with a particular scent. The color here is “On the Beach” – a beautiful frost pink.

Packaging – Cute to say the least. All Anna Sui packaging reminds me of a haunted old lady’s house with inscense smoking up the room in a corner, a couple of cobwebs and purple neon lights. It’s not somewhere you’d possibly want to find yourself at night or on Halloween. An odly colored lipstick case makes this one unique from all the rest. I don’t suggest you imitating the ladies cheeks. It’s also interesting to note that they don’t come with a slanted tip, but a round tip that doesn’t really make a difference. It feels more like applying a balm than a lipstick I reckon.

Pigmentation – Pretty good. Not smashingly beautiful color payoff without any interfering “noise” in one swipe, but sufficient color payoff that’s certainly visible. The frost finish of the lipstick doesn’t really help either as a simple smacking of lips and the texture of the glitter can be slightly felt. It’s a very light feeling lipstick that isn’t particularly creamy at all and can dry out a bit as the day goes on.

How does it feel on the lips? – Alright. It’s for sure not the best lipstick I’ve slapped onto the lips, and not certainly the worst. At best, it’s mediocre and honestly slightly drying throughout the day. I didn’t feel like it was super moisturising either.

Overall – a 3/5. Good color payoff, decent texture but nothing worth queuing department store casheirs for. The smoothness of the lipstick just doesn’t cut it.

I have to add in though that I am in love with Anna Sui fragrances – used up Secret Wish twice, and a bottle of Flight of Fancy, that’s right.

Any questions? Just ask!