Roseannebeauty Tutorial: How-To Layer Your Blush for Bright, Glowy Cheeks!

Hey Everyone!

Applying my blush  is possibly, I feel, the best part of my make-up routine. It makes all the difference to not only add life to any look, but also to help bring your cheeks upwards for an overall slimmer and sexier face. Here’s a method that I absolutely love doing when I wear lipsticks because it brings out a stunning pop of color that’s natural, but better.

In my NARS Blush Review, I told you all that I like to use the NARS Zen Blush in my layering blush technique. It’s the second color that inches towards the blush from the contour that helps bring the brighter blush out. I learned this tip when I dealt with my MAC Blush Ombre (remember those?) and I used the two colors (one a peachy orange, and a pale yellow) for a beautiful peachy light.

So, how do we do this? In three very easy, steps.

Step 1: Apply your contour using your favourite bronzer. I’m using Hoola by Benefit. It’s matte, and not distracting.

Apply the contour like you naturally would. An E shape from your temple, to the hollows of your cheek, to your jawline. This slims down your face and will make your blush pop even more (without putting more on).

Step 2: Apply a darker, more toned down blush – a natural color like this one suits best. This is NARS Zen. It looks bronzer worthy, but it actually has a peachy pink undertone so it’s a very natural blush. I reckon it would be like Waffle Cone from Everyday Minerals.

Apply this just on top of your contour. Can you see the peachy pink, more peach actually, undertone? This technique is very similar to eye-shadows. You use a darker color and then a lighter color. You use a darker blush, and then a brighter blush. You get the idea.

Step 3: Apply a light, or brighter blush. This is MAC Pink Swoon, possibly as bright as I can get. Eventhough it looks scary in the pan, I love this bright pop of color that looks even better with a super bright pink lippie but don’t go overboard!

Apply your blush on the top of your cheeks, not where your highlight should be, but just below it. It should sit ontop of your “darker” blush

And there you have it! This works really well with the NARS Blush Ombres from a while back or anything that you may have in your collection!

What do you think?