March 12, 2012

Tangspiration: Do something that makes you feel uncomfortable

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Hey Everyone,

I remember sitting down with a really close friend and telling her how life was never made to be easy. She’s never really worked for anything in her life, she’s always been spoon-fed with a silver spoon and she was facing a tough turning point in her life and I wanted her to hear me out. She’s one of my closest friends, but I felt that I had spent the last three years of my life telling her how to do everything and lots of times doing it for her that I was spoiling her. She always does what she wants and whenever she faces a difficult situation that makes her uncomfortable, she is the first person that would turn and walk the other way.

I told her just that. And I told her to start doing something that made her uncomfortable every day. Even if it’s the little-list things like going to the 24 hour study center at 9pm at night to make sure work is done. Or even finally spring cleaning out your closet. It’s something that I’ve been believing in since a while ago because life is too short to walk the only path that you know.

I’ve watched movies alone before, gymmed at 6 am every morning for a month. I’ve indoor sky-dived, I’ve founded my own blog and youtube for goodness sakes. I’ve put myself out there without any make-up on. I’ve gone to big parties only knowing the host, even if the host is a person that I’ve just met, and I’ve left those parties knowing everyone. I find that’s the best way to make new friends sometimes. I’ve done things for people I wouldn’t normally do. I even woke up early to get croissants for a guy I was dating because that’s his favorite food and he couldn’t wake up in time to get them from a particular place. I’ve never done that for someone before. I remember walking to the store wondering what in the world I was doing but what the hell, life is short, if you want to do it, just do it. I’ve loved, even if it wasn’t meant to be. I find that if you do something uncomfortable everyday or even just for starters once a month, you might just find yourself doing more things than you’ve ever done before.

I went for a run today at Carlton gardens and I realised that whoever said life was easy, has not lived at all. Doing things that are out of your comfort zone is difficult. It makes you feel funny, and sometimes that funny isn’t fun. But, imagine walking one path your whole life and missing out on the turning points that could have lead you to somewhere even greater, and even better. Start by doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable (within reason) and you’ll find that you’ll be living a life much more enriching and vast than you could have ever imagined.



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