Tangspiration: Oh, the weight gain.

Hey Everyone,


Let’s be honest, I’ve gained a lot of weight coming back from Uni. I was flipping through some pictures today and I was totally really honestly quite taken a back at myself. It wasn’t that I was self critical of myself but more that I was confused. Not at how I got there – honestly speaking, I totally deserve every single pound due to my naughty eating habits and well l blame it on work. Everyone does right? I am totally at blame for my poundage. I totally accept that I’ve gotten fatter and it has gotten to a point where people can tell me as many times as they want “You’re fat” and my reply is simply “Yes I am fat.”

But I guess why I’m confused is because I don’t feel that fat. At my weight and where I live (Singapore where weight is a very important issue) – I could feel a lot more insecure. I could feel so insecure that it could stop me from what I need to do.  For some reason, I have to say that God has really blessed me.

I want to thank God because he has surrounded me with people that love me for who I am and what I’ve done, not for how I look. And as a beauty blogger you’d think that was confusing because as a beauty blogger, I should be admired for how I look. And perhaps at times I am but I think for me, people look up to me because of what I’ve helped them with and how I’ve impacted their life. I just realised this tonight as I write this. I believe a positive impact on someone else’s life is really to me the most admirable – whether you’re deemed as too big, too small or just weird.

I feel really blessed in this way with arms and legs to boot to be able to accomplish things. The best news is that you too can accomplish things. You could accomplish great things this whole entire time. Did you know that you can be known for your positive impact on this world and not for how skinny your thighs look? Did you know that you could be known for your accomplishments no matter how big or small – not by the price tag of your bag? Did you know that you are worth much, much more than that?

I’m not telling you to let yourself go, but what if you could turn the quality effort you put into staring yourself down into changing lives. Sure I could start eating a little healthier and I for sure will. In fact, I bought a cardboard tasting cereal last night, paired with greek yoghurt and agave syrup. I could probably take my dusty bike out for a spin – of which I’m planning to do tomorrow morning. But I’m telling you this because I want you to know that you are an amazing person who can do great things. Don’t ever think otherwise.