Tangspiration: Happy Valentines Day

Hey Everyone!

Happy Valentines Day! Now before you bring out the flaming torches and make smores out of that statement –  Although albeit some of you may be crashing on the couch watching mythbusters and hating today for making you wallow in what they call “Single Awareness Day”, Valentines Day isn’t just about receiving roses and chocolate from some admirer you don’t actually like, or do. I reckon it’s about showing the people you love, you love them, regardless. That includes your closest mates, parents, and even your dog. As for me, I had to work late tonight (again) and I don’t forsee my love life taking the high road anytime soon so for you all seething that I’ve added to the mix of love stories in your inbox, well, I myself ain’t much in a love spot myself right now. I’m actually enjoying it, don’t tell anyone.

But, in the case that cupid didn’t forget you today and were surprised that you found a dozen roses waiting for you at your desk or your boyfriend or husband of however long forgot that you told him never to get you flowers, then Valentines Day is a day for you and I wish you and your loved one a beautiful day. For all the single ladies in the house, hey, I reckon your day will come along soon. If you think about it, your soulmate is walking around on this earth right now. He just hasn’t found you yet and you haven’t found him yet. But he exists. Just live your life the way you’d always want to live it – things like these I reckon are given rather than forced and are given only when you’re ready.

To that, my love life has been a pretty complicated show. I think most of you on twitter would attest to that. But, I think what I’ve come to learn from all of it (so far) is that every person who was significant enough to walk into my life has taught me something about myself or about people. In fact, I’ve always believed that every person you meet or come to know, you meet or come to know for a reason. I also believe that Love is the only thing that can change a person completely. It’s not a rise in your salary, it’s not that gucci bag you’ve always wanted or even what your best friend said – it’s love. People say that in a relationship, you should always be your truest self and your boy shouldn’t change who you are. I believe that in a relationship, you should be who you are, but allow him to change you for the better, and most of all bring out the best in you.

So, I hope you found that man who makes you sing like William Hung (I still remember him) in the shower, accidentally trip over a little kid because you weren’t thinking straight, sit on wet paint or spill your coffee at the counter because you couldn’t help thinking about the way he held your hand for the first time (aww) – and even if you haven’t, well just know that good things come to those who wait.

Have a good one!