So, Where Did Your LOGO come from? Distorted Frames By Tammy Tew

Hey Everyone!

We’ve all seen the roseannetangrs logo, I’m sure floating around on every channel I have to reach you whether it be facebook, twitter, here on onsugar or on YouTube:

But where did it come from? I’ve always wanted to make my channel more established than just a hobby and thought it would be best to have a design that would represent what I do while being simple, clean and memorable. Being no designer, I ran to one of my best friends, Tammy Tew, for her help.

Tammy is one of my best friends and you’ve probably seen her in a lot in my Follow Me Around videos. She’s currently a 2nd Year RMIT fashion design student and works very hard to be where she’s at. She’s very talented and I’m always at awe of all her works and designs she’s showing me every week! I hope to see her fashion stores soon! While cuddled on her couch back in Singapore, she helped me to create this logo – a chic but clean petaled logo that was contemporary but in the form of a traditional chinese stamp – reaching towards my asian roots. For those who don’t know what the “RS” stands for, it’s for my chinese name: Rou Shyan..well my parents didn’t know pinyin so it’s spelled that way. Thank you so much dear, I owe it all to you!

She designed and made this, freaking amazing right?

You should definitely check out her blog at and follow her! She’ll keep you updated with the latest fashion trends, her own designs she’s creating at school and her thoughts about life are engaging.

And To Tammy: You’re one of my best fwends. Someone who really stands up for me, who shows so much concern for those around you. Don’t let anyone get you down because you really don’t deserve it. I love you! You work so hard and I’m sure you’ll make it some day, I owe you so much. <3

Lots of Love,