July 18, 2009

New Post – Melbournes quite amazing

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Just wanted to thank everyone so much for all the best wishes. I’ve arrived safely, quite a while ago and was welcomed to slightly cold weather in my terms but I wish it was colder. I’m a very loving the cold person haha and I’ve gotten to know the place sort of well and I love it here. In terms of beauty, its very similar to the US in that it carries many brands and serves it to consumers in a similar manner. Like the states, there are huge department stores, even target, but what they have here is BIG W, woolworths, and their grocery stores also carry american brands. But they aren’t as cheap as the states.

A few brands that avail here:

– BLOOM (which I’m not sure you’ve heard of but that I love, check out their shadow liner in charcoal gray that I ran out of long ago but something that I just bought today at a perfumery)

– Covergirl (including lashblast and all the cosmetics)

– Maybelline (is avail in sing but it has american mascaras known on youtube, and all the dream matte powder stuff, and mascaras that are only available in the US)

– Revlon (which I know is avail in singapore, but it has a lot more because its 3 or 4 times larger in a grocery store

– Smashbox (at select perfumeries)

– NARS @ Mecca Cosmetics

– Rimmel (avail in sing, but bigger) but no rimmel perfect prep and prime :(

– Max Factor

– philosphy

– egyptian magic

and more..they have everything thats avail in singapore..even some korean brands in chinatown haha. The Body Shop is HUGE, much much bigger than the singapore stores.

Lots! BUT the downside is that it is crazy expensive, well as expensive as singapore I think because the price range is like $17 and up up for everything and even NARS is like 70 to 80 dollars! My shadow liner from Bloom was $24.00. I don’t think I will be expanding my collection even with so much to be tempted by because I should control my money hehe. :) No everyday minerals here though.

BUT I was so upset the day I left because I spotted Everyday Minerals at Causeway Point METRO in sing and they were selling ONE full size container for $42.80 each!! How could they do that? Everyday Minerals is supposed to be affordable for everyone, a great make up for everyone. Like Charles and Keith – great products not for an exorbitant price.  It makes me curiously enraged.

And the people are so friendly here, so so friendly! Australians are amazing, theyre very kind and helpful people from what I know right now. :)

Some Pictures for you:

The university is really beautiful, but really old, built in 1853 haha

My dorm/residential hall, had to go through crazy requirements including interviews to stay here! It was built in 1887 lol

Well just here to update! I’m having orientation soon on Monday so wish me luck :)

Missing all of you,

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