If I had all the money in the world…[Wishlist tag]

Hey Everyone,

I decided to create a tag on a late Monday night because I really could be doing work right now. Instead I’m dreaming of that day when I don’t have to worry about how much money is in the bank. We can all dream can’t we?

So my question to you is: what would you get if you had all the money in the world?

I will be tagging some bloggers at the bottom of this post, but if you’re up for this, I want you to go ahead and do it too. By the way, this is going to be a verymaterialistic post so if you’re not up for the fun, I suggest you click the x button. Acting like a spoiled brat is part of the equation. You have to act like one. I don’t care if you’re the nicest person in the world.

First thing’s first, CLICK play on this song and then read the rest of the post. Background music is a must.

How hot is he?

Let’s do this:

If anything, i’d want my life to resemble Kimora Lee Simmon’s life. She’s an entrepreneur, fashion designer and mom and no matter how many people say she’s shallow, she’s inspirational to me.

beautiful and a go-getter

Everyone who has money works their butt off for it and I’m ready to move my bootay.

What would I carry?

From Louis Vuitton:

1. Speedy 30/35 – I can’t decide so since I supposedly would have all the money in the world, I’ll take all of them please. Just put it on my imaginary tab in all designs [ Damier Azur, Ebene, Monogram and Idylle]. Just have them wrapped and put it in my magical rolls royce. It’s such a beautiful classic:

Damage: AUD 1,330 x 4 = $5,320

2. Neverfull MM – For you know, those lazy days when I just want to sling something on my shoulder.

Damage: $865

3. Louis Vuitton Noe – Um duh because I totally need bucket bag!

Damage: $1,300

Some people wear this around uni, gorgeous bag.


4. MIU MIU Bow Satchel Tote

always thought it was beautiful – Don’t particularly like the green, opt for a chocolate leather brown or beige

Chanel Large Flap Bag:

A classic, a very expensive one too.

Where would I live?

A cosy place..

My Wardrobe:

I wouldn’t just have a closet for my clothes, I’d have a closet for my make-up and everything would be ordered according to store and set up as if it was the store and have the most beautiful vanity in the world. :)

With an inifinity pool:

I’d drive a BMW Z4:

Except 10x cosier, with a family, a golden retriever maybe, a place for my parents, a son named Marc and a visionary husband. Because I think more than anything, if you don’t have the special people in your life, your life becomes meaningless even with all these things.

I tag:

Tammy – Distortedframes.onsugar.com

Maya – Heavenlygorgeous

Sara – icyabstract

Sarah C. – facesbysarah

Sophia – makeupblogette

Michelle – icefrost

Min Ru – musicplayson

Jasmine – xbeanie

Chantana – everbluec

Charlene – charlenejudith

What would your dream life be like? I know it’s going to be different for everyone. We all want different things and we all have a different image of what our dream lives would be like. I wanna know yours!

Go. I dare you to want :)

xx Roseanne


  • heavenlygorgeous

    Thank you so much for tagging me, Roseannelove! Will do the tag when i’m free ok. And the Chanel Black Caviar 2.55 bag is to die for! :cocktail:

  • icefrost

    Thanks for tagging me (: This is really a fun post! Gosh, I think my list would be endless, haha.

  • the makeup blogette

    thanks for tagging me~

    I can tell you wat is the first on my mind, a VW Scirroco the sports version, it costs abt S$169,000 I sat in the car at the showroom and it’s love at first sight. I most likely will end up with a cheappy 2nd car cos (cross my fingers, I better get my license on 1 Nov) LOL

  • everbluec

    This is a nice tag!!! Thanks for tagging!

    P/S: Love the guy vocal!!
    P/SS: That closet look like Mariah Carey closet when she show it on MTV crib(few yrs ago!) Love the concept!!!

  • roseannetangrs

    @heavenlygorgeous: no problemo, excited to see your wishlist! The Chanel is a classic! :)
    @icefrost: haha can’t wait to see yours!
    @makeupblogette: aw, i saw it on your blog, VW is beautiful! good luck with your licensee dear!
    @everbluec: haha he’s hot right? and yes a walk in close is a must have. Was googling and saw her row of shoes, amazing! can’t wait to see your post!

  • elizaheartsmakeup

    yes yes the Chanel bag! <3

  • heavenlygorgeous

    Yea. I’m doing the wishlist now. I’m so excited! :dance:

  • charlenejudith

    My first tag! (: I will do it at the end of the week or the next! Sorry!!! ): School stinks! And many ‘yes’-es to the Chanel Bag! (^5 elizaheartsmakeup!)

  • kate yeo

    The guy voice is so SEXY!
    I think if I have a lot of money I will be at loss on what to do with them!

  • tammytew

    thaaaankkkyouuuu for tagging me lovely!:) missschuxx

  • icyabstract

    I spy my name! haha. Yesss~ time to be materialistic. (: This seems like so much fun and through this tag we can see what each other likes (aside from makeup). I can tell you’re a handbag person!

  • blushfully

    Kimora… oh she is indeed inspirational to me too. She pretty much represents all the things I want in life, adding in Art Gallery and Music Albums for me hehehe… This is a really fun post =) And oh, Z4 is so sexy… hahaha…
    PS: I notice some of your list of things are what I had in mind when I first read the title hahaha… interesting…

  • roseannetangrs

    @elizaheartsmakeup: haha yep the bag is an icon!
    @heavenlygorgeous: saw your post! the hummer is hot!
    @charlenejudith: and no worries! Chanel is so expensive though, that bag is like more than 4 to 5K, maybe one day! :)
    @kateyeo: haha he’s sexy overall! haha yea that’s true, but it’s always fun to go on a shopping spree!
    @tammytew: can’t wait to see your post best fwen <3
    @icyabstract: haha can't wait to see your post love, and yes, I'm totally a bag person!
    @blushfully: I love love love Kimora :)

  • roseannetangrs

    @icyabstract: haha yea! it’s good to see everyone’s dream life, can’t wait to see yours! and yes I am totally a bag person haha

    @blushfully: i love love love kimora!

  • candydolls

    had been following u for some time already! great site!! i love long posts!! hehe
    my wishlist includes the channel too!! and hermes!

  • roseannetangrs

    thanks candydolls! oh yea hermes but its like 30K ahhh haha

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