September 30, 2010

Roseannetangrs Review: OCC Lip Tars!

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Hey Everyone!

* I suggest watching the video! You’ll be able to see how the product applies and the finishing effect as I’ve applied each lip tar for you!*

I think everyone on onsugar Singapore has one of these babies in their make-up stash thanks to Sophia (, so I thought it would be fun to give my two cents worth about the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars to see if you agree. I first saw the paints on YouTube via xsparkage or petrilude and I’ve always wanted to get my hands on them to really see if they are all the buzz. So, when I saw them selling at IMATS, I picked up three or what was left of the red tones since I figured that would be the most wearable of the lot. OCC also supplies lip tars in wacky colours like purple, green and bright yellow.

It’s a rather small tube that fits nicely into the palm of your hand but I figured that since I’m not a professional makeup artist that this small tube would last me more than a few years. A little bit of the stuff really goes a long way. They are so pigmented that they do stain for a bit.

The OCC lip tar tube comes with a lip gloss/jelly gloss applicator. Not sure of the name, but ditch that method and get a cheap synthetic lip brush that will do the job ten times faster. With this load of pigmentation, you need to be able to accurately place where you want the color or else you’ll look like you had a drunk hook-up at a 4AM pub.

The word tar in the name is deceiving. It’s for sure more like a paint, acrylic paint to be exact so that means it’s just like a liquid lipstick. It’s definitely not sticky and not cakey or heavy when applied correctly with a lip brush. I quite like the texture, it’s very smooth and it smells like mint!

From IMATS, I picked up the colors in Pageant, Stalker and Strutter. But how do they look on the lips?

Pageant is a beautiful bright pink and pop of colour. Quite similar to Chanel Rouge Allure in Super

I always like it when the blog author goes the extra mile and takes a full facial picture just to see how the color matches other features than just a lip closeup.

Strutter is a darker version of Stalker. As you can see the lip tars are truly pigmented and vivid even without a lip concealer. It goes on just like paint!

Strutter makes a beautiful and vibrant red!

This is stalker which is a lighter version of Strutter.

Overall, the OCC lip tars are wonderful items to have. However, I don’t see myself wearing these out of the house any-time soon. It really is up to your make-up style though. I tend to emphasize my eyes more than my lips and I don’t use lipstick as often as I should. If you figure you need something as bold and flawless, then the OCC lip tars are for you. If not, it’s okay to give the craze a miss.


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