September 22, 2010

Roseannetangrs Report: IMATS Sydney 2010

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Hey Everyone!

I was lucky enough to visit Sydney for the weekend. My dad made a last minute decision and decided that I was big enough to go somewhere myself. I chose Sydney mainly because of IMATS and free accommodation thanks to more than wonderful friends.

Honestly, IMATS was pretty amazing but not as amazing as I expected. I guess all the YouTube gurus on the web really hype up the event and just the thought of meeting those gurus in real life makes the event cooler than what it’s really for – and that’s a hub for makeup artists. In fact, it probably wasn’t as exciting for me because I’m not a make-up artist. I like beauty products from a consumer perspective of what’s available on the market and having palettes of makeup or professional theatre makeup wasn’t my forte. Nonetheless it still made an experience to remember. Let’s take a photo journey shall we?

The event took place at the Sydney Convention Centre – it was a beautiful day. Warm, sunny and absolutely lovely.

The venue was full of stores including Make-up Forever, prices were about 10% off – not much of a steep discount. MUFE HD Foundation was selling for sixty something and the Matte Velvet for 54 something.

Lot’s of brushes..from a brand I had no idea existed.

Ok, seeing Enkoren in real life was pretty cool.

He’s a really nice guy and I got to talk to him in person!

Naked Cosmetics! Didn’t get anything..wouldn’t use pigments for much. Not into buying something I won’t use.

Wooo. It’s OCC lip tars. The stock after lunch, not many left at all.

She was the tallest, thinest model I had ever seen.

The Alice in Wonderland Makeup Fashion Show was beautiful!

Lot’s of these on the spot make-up make-overs.

Alice in Wonderland Contest’s Ben Nye!

So Roseanne, let’s cut to the chase, what did you get?

Honestly, not much.

A lip and foundation brush from Crown Brushes. Most of the brushes they sold were low quality ones very similar to the ones sold from Coastal Scents and Ebay Stores. They even had the no name 88 palettes and were selling them for $30 each.

I got these anyway as they were very cheap. The lip brush was only like 4 bucks and the foundation like 17.

Got my hands on some OCC lip tars finally – Strutter, Stalker, Pageant. I’m going to do an OCC Lip tar review next so swatches will be up then!


This is the first setting spray I got to know of back in the early days of YouTube even before I started YouTube videos. Of course I had to get it.

I think the best part of IMATS was meeting people, including Cendana who I always talk to on twitter and on Facebook! Maggie, who came up to me in the queau and Holly who I’ve met before! :) And then six of you who saw me and didn’t come up to me commented on my latest video haha, you should have said hi sillies, I would have love to meet you! We all hung out after for some lunch and just to sit by Darling Harbour.

Overall, an awesome time. The video will be coming up soon including IMATS footage.


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