Top 3 Tips on How to Keep Organised & Win at Life!

Hey Everyone,


I guess since High School, I’ve always been asked how I sleep at night or how I get everything that I do done while still being able to balance a decent social life. I’m not too proud that sometimes I can become a work-a-holic (with the blog, doing make-up professionally and the store) just like anyone but here’s a few tips that will really change your life when it comes to having a lot on your plate. I’ve learned this since my Uni days and they are essential “life skills” to winning at life.

1. You can’t have enough LISTS

Seriously, you can’t. There are lists for everything. I like to go old school with a pen and my notebook. In fact my notebook is full of my to do lists. Everyday I make it a point to have a to do list and I will write my to do list the night before. I put my notebook open to my list down on my desk right in front of my computer so I know what I need to get started on immediately when I start the day. I don’t know about you but I get a pleasant satisfaction after I cross out each one. Making a to do list is super important so you don’t waste time and you know what you have to do. It makes you tons more efficient and you’ll find out that you can do so much more. Don’t be afraid if you can’t cross everything out on your list, just log it back in for the next day. If you’re a super weirdo like I am, I like to put even more than I can handle on my list sometimes just so I can get the most out of my day.

2. Plan Time Ahead

I have to admit, I hate being late. In fact, I actually get a bit anxious if I know I’m going to be late or I am a few minutes late. I take pleasure in being on the dot on time because I’m a unique child like that. Saying that, I’m usually early. I’ll  often warn you in minutes when if I will be late and wait hopefully for your reply that it’s okay. Girls, I’m working on it, okay? Thankfully, I’ve learned some essential skills to being on time that you might find useful. First is to know how long you take to do things. Getting ready hair and make-up takes me 30 minutes, make-up takes me 10-15 minutes. Getting changed and dress maybe takes me another 10 minutes. Transport takes me an hour. So I know that I need to get ready probably 1hr 40 minutes in advance so I think back. I need to be there at 8pm. I need to start getting ready at about 6:15 and leave the house by 6:50pm or 7. Add ten to fifteen minutes lee way in case anything happens and you’re set. I might sound like Mr. Bean but when we are all waiting for you at the boardroom for the meeting because you’re late, you might think differently. I usually use google maps or everyone knows the app to find out how long it takes to get to point b or even how much a taxi costs to get there if you don’t wanna take the MRT.

3. The 2 Minute Walk

When the work gets tough and there’s a lot to do in one day sometimes, I take breaks in between tasks on my to do list. It’s really important so you’re not “constantly” working and your efficiency increases because your mind is refreshed. How do you press the refresh button? Say I’m working on an article and I just finished. I usually get up and get a water bottle from my fridge, walk around and drink it and think about the next thing I have to do. Then, I sit down and continue working. Have you not seen those scholarly scholars Confucius looking people on TV walk around and recite and memorize scripture at the same time? It’s because movement jogs your mind and jogs your memory. I do what they do when I’m preparing for a speech or presentation. This is not the walk or break that wants you to go to the mall, go get a jog outside or go paint your nails during lunch hour. No, this is a super short refresher after you’ve completed a task to jog your brain and hit refresh. It’s essential to staying on task because you can now focus and concentrate again.

So there we have it, a few tips if ever I’ve kept you wondering how I do it all. I guess if you’re still studying at Uni or school, then you doing a to do list for your homework will help, taking 2 minute refreshers really help when it’s exam time or when you have a load of assignments to finish up  and working on not being late is going to be really helpful when you start working. If you’re working, I guess let’s hope that office politics won’t stop you from taking a few breaks to the pantry or the bathroom just to “refresh” your mind ;)

Have a great week and Happy Monday!