Review: ZA Concealer Perfection Concealer & Liquid Concealer Tips!

Hey Everyone!

Like a cream blush, liquid concealer has always been one of those products I’d rather only use if I had to. I love cream concealers and balm concealers because I think they are much easier to use, whip on and pop into my makeup travel bag.  However, with a liquid concealer, I have to whip out an extra brush, spread and then dab only to find that it seemingly does not last as long as my other balm or cream concealers. Yet, when the eye-bags hit from a sleepless night or two, there’s not much choice and the liquid concealers seem to work the best for this purpose.

Today, I’ll be giving a review of one of the first concealers I’ve ever used. Popular in Singapore and other Asian countries, ZA is a drugstore makeup brand that is commonly found at Watsons stores. Their ZA Perfection Concealer has won many accolades, been on the shelves for a while and is a liquid concealer for sure worth looking at.

ZA claims that this product will:

1. Rapidly convers discoloration, uneven skintone

2. Controls skintone


The ZA Perfection Concealer comes in a really cute shiny blue squeeze tube. It has a nozzle shaped opening which is convenient because any liquid concealer should be used with the “Less is more” concept. It will not help you if you slather a liquid concealer on and even that small tiny drop is enough for various parts of my face.

Best Tool to Use

The best tool to use doesn’t stand alone – using your fingers and a synthetic concealer brush is your best bet. My favourite liquid concealer brush is the Ecotools concealer brush. It’s ridiculously awesome for liquid concealers as it applies just the right amount as is magic for anyone into also powdered mineral concealers. Your fingers are needed to dab and blend the remaining product so that the blemish is entirely covered.

How To Apply:

To apply this concealer, simply squeeze some of the concealer onto the back of your hand and then using your concealer brush, collect some of the concealer and dab onto the areas where you need the coverage.

Use your finger tips and then dab and blend the concealer until it magically disappears. Dab around the center of the blemish so that you don’t erase the concealer.

Under-Eye Performance

Probably the big deal is if this concealer performs well under the eyes. It performs pretty well and covers well for my under eye circles. Fortunately, I don’t have heavy eye-bags so that means that even a weak performing concealer will do for my under-eyes. To that, take what I’m about to say lightly if you have larger eye-bags that need a more heavy duty concealer. The application of this is similar. Just take the brush and very lightly dab the concealer under the eyes. You don’t want to put too much because the concealer will cake and look very white. Don’t blame the concealer though, just blame  your application technique.

After using your brush, use your fingertips to dab and smoothen out the concealer so that it blends flawlessly.

Overall Concealer Performance

The concealer is alright. Nothing superbly amazing our out of this world. For blemishes, performance is not as strong because the blemish still appears underneath the concealer and more patting and blending and applying is needed until totally covered. For redness, this concealer does very well to hide redness or patches of skin that need color correcting. Underneath the eyes, for small eye-bags, it does the job as well. Overall, blemishes and zits – No ; redness and patches of discolored skin – Yes; Under-eyes  – Yes. Kind of reminds of me of just a full coverage foundation right? :) The concealer blends well but the staying power is average. The concealer lives up to its claims but letting you know that it doesn’t do other basic concealer jobs that well is probably a relevant topic.

Have you tried this concealer?