How To Make Your Own Berrytangrs Mocktail with Schweppes! Schweppes Cocktail Revolution @ Southern Cross

Hey Everyone!

Spring is coming in Australia and that means pops of color and delicious spring and summer drinks. Say good bye to the old cinnamon sticks, eggnog and vanilla of winter and hello to berries, pretty flowers and of course my favorite bright pinks.

Today in this post, I thought I’d invent my own Spring/Summer mixed drink and show you my favorite spring look and makeup. Inspired by pink lemonade, I thought sipping this in much warmer climates wearing a pretty bright outfit would be sure to attract a little attention. I’ll also be working with Schweppes today so I’ll let you know how you can meet me in person on October 21st at the Schweppes Virtual Cocktail Revolution at the end of this post!

So here’s how you can make your very own ‘Berrytangrs’’ drink. Thanks to Emily Tsang for suggesting this on my facebook page here: Here are the following things you need first! Strawberry syrup, Schweppes sugar free lemonade, Schweppes raspberry drink, lemons, strawberries, frozen raspberries, glasses, yellow straws and a little manual juicer. Pretty simple.

Step 1: Pour the strawberry syrup into a smaller glass and then use that to pour a layer of strawberry syrup into the base of your final glass. Use the small glass because pouring from the big bottle pours too much of the syrup.

Step 2: Add ice to the cups, not too full of ice though because you don’t want your drink to overflow!

Step 4: Cut wedges of lemon from a lemon and add these thin slices to the cups, about two each. Juice one lemon in your juicer, we’ll use this juice later!

Step 5: It’s time for Schweppes lemonade! I’m using the Sugar-Free version to save some calories!

and carefully pour the yummy drink into the glass. You should achieve a cool layering effect!

Step 6: Pour a bit of the lemon juice that you made into the cups!

Step 7: It’s time for some Schweppes raspberry, time to make this yummy drink into pink lemonade!

Pour the liquid into a smaller glass and then pour a little bit into our final glass so that your drink turns pink!

Step 8: Let’s dress up this baby! Take some frozen raspberries

And add 3-4 raspberries on top of the drink!

Garnish with strawberries and lemons! Just take a whole strawberry and make a cut in it that only goes ¼ of the way up. Then, you can wedge it on the glass!

And you are done! Now you can share these yummy drink with your friends and look even hotter in your spring/summer outfits!

But, after all that hard work, can I have one too?


So Yummy!

But you’re probably asking me, how did you do your make-up? For the eyes, I applied a very light pink with yellow undertone all over the lid, a bit of cream/light pumpkin color on the outer corners and a deep plum near my lid line creeping onto the outer corner. I lined my waterline and tight line only and added false lashes. It’s a neutral look that’s not too heavy but still emphasizes the eyes!

But honestly, this look would be nothing without a bright lip! I’m using the OCC Lip Tar in Pageant – a stunning hot pink!

and you are done!

Hope you liked this post! All of this was made possible by Schweppes! If you would like to meet me in person, I will be dropping by at the Schweppes Cocktail Revolution Station Domination event at Southern Cross Station on October 21st at 3PM in Melbourne!

What is this Cocktail Revolution?

Schweppes would like to invite you to be inspired about making your own creative drinks at home with the coming Spring Racing Carnival!

At Station Domination, there are lots of activities to do! You can pick a  piece of fruit and one mixing product and a computer will recognize those items and will create and mix together in front of you to create a virtual cocktail! Don’t worry, there will be no alcohol at the event! The recipe is then printed for you to take away and make at home! Photos from te Schweppes Cocktail Revolution Crate Bar will be uploaded to Facebook where you can tag yourself and tag to win daily prizes of Schweppes virtual cocktail goodies and major prizes of hosting your own Schweppes mixing party! Schweppes will also be giving away mixing bags with a Schweppes mixer, cocktail recipe card and piece of fruit to get mixing at home!

The event will run from October 12 to November 4 and will be dominating Southern Cross Station from 7am to 7pm everyday with a central Schweppes crate bar at the heart of Southern Cross!

I would love to meet you there if you’re in Melbourne!

This post was kindly sponsored by Schweppes!