Review: M.A.C Lustre Lipstick in Plink

Hey Everyone,

Time to add another post to my Ultimate Lipstick Review series. Probably one of the most overhyped products there are, are MAC lipsticks. I remember being crazy about them and now I’ve ended up with 12 or so lipsticks that I totally could do without. But despite the jazzy names and colors, is there really substance to these lipsticks? Honestly, in comparison to other lipsticks I’ve tried, they really lack. But, things are easier said than done so let’s look at one famous MAC lippie in Plink and forget about the YouTube hype that made me buy these lipsticks in the first place.

MAC Lipsticks come in a variety of finishes. I would know. Lustre, Amplified, Matte, Satin among others make MAC one of the best brands when you need variety in your collection. PLINK is in Lustre, the lightest finish with a pearl like color. If you want color payoff, lustre lipsticks are not for you. If you need everyday color with a bit of pizzaz, then maybe.


I’m a fan of the MAC lipstick packaging. I like the bullet shaped simplicty of its shell. It’s iconic, easily recognizable and a joy to bring around. Nothing too fancy but still a little bit stylish.

Color – Payoff

MAC lipsticks have great color payoff. I know it doesn’t seem like this below but the color pigmentation will vary according to the different finishes that MAC provides. So if you’re looking at an Amplified lipstick, then you can be sure that your color payoff will be awesome. Even the inbetween shades can get you great color so color-payoff isn’t the deal-breaker here.


I think the deal breaker is the finish of these lipsticks, meaning how it feels on the lips. Don’t get me wrong, the lipsticks aren’t bad but they aren’t spectacular either. I think in this case, people get a little crazy with the names but I don’t know if they know any better to be honest. To be honest, these lipsticks are not impressive – a bit drying, a bit stiff and it’s not that I’m only comparing these lipsticks to YSL and Chanel but also drugstore brands like Rimmel, Loreal and even Maybelline. These lipsticks are smoother and more long wearing than MAC lipsticks. Honestly, with the 12 MAC lipsticks that I have, I don’t wear any of them now because I know my Guerlain, YSL or Chanel lipsticks or even Loreal will suffice and wear better throughout the day than MAC will. Generally, they don’t feel as good and they dry out fast on the lips.

Overall though, you have to ask yourself if you’re up for it. I mean if you find yourself not comparing and you’re fine because you feel too cool for school to be wearing MAC, then by all means, go for it because it makes you happy. For me though, I’m likely probably not to buy another lipstick from MAC (not totally promising that, note the probably) because I know there’s better out there. Overall, Plink is a pearl finish very neutral lip but the pearl is a bit overpowering giving the lips a slight white overcast which may be far from attractive. The choice is up to you though!

If you are an avid MAC addict, I’m really sorry if I offended you but these are my thoughts. Hope you liked reading them.

What’s your take on MAC lipsticks?