My Everyday Makeup Routine for Face

Hey Everyone!

It’s been a long time (in blog world) that I’ve posted anything. Blame it on indecent inspiration. But today, I thought it would be fun to do a tutorial on my updated makeup routine that I’ll probably be doing right after I type this up, I have class in an hour but seeing that my 2 week holiday is coming up, I might go. When my friends ask me how long I take to apply my makeup on in the morning, I’m usually greeted with shock. I take around 10-15 minutes. Well, if you know what you’re doing, it really shouldn’t be a problem. Plus, a tip is to always keep your makeup organized. So without further adue, let’s do this. I’ll sprinkle a few beauty tips here and there as well keeping in mind that this is only part 1 and what I do for eyes will be in my next post!

Step 1: Apply Sunscreen. Sunscreen is important – say goodbye to melanoma, skin cancer and wrinkles (hopefully). As you know, my favourite is the Leader’s clinic medieu sunscreen because it does not leave a white overcast and blends into the skin flawlessly. Apply all over the face.

Step 2: My current foundation favourite is the Australis Fresh & Flawless Makeup. Usually, you would pass by this product and never look back but next time you’re at the store, get it. It’s really good and it stays on for ages. It really is fresh & flawless. I like to use a foundation brush for this because that’s really how I roll.

With foundation, always apply your makeup in short stokes. When you’re finished, use your hands to press it into the skin so you have a more blended out appearance. Don’t forget your hairline, eyes and your neck to ensure that your foundation matches.

Step 3: Conceal. I have to say that I have found another holy grail concealer and this time it’s a lot cheaper than M.A.C. It’s the Covergirl coverstick. This concealer is amazing, easy to use and covers really well and does last a good amount of time. I love how convenient it is. I take it like a lipstick, draw it on, look kinda tribal, and then using my fingers, pat the product into my skin so that it blends flawlessly. Goodbye redness and acne scars!

Step 4: I’ve been experimenting with cream blushes lately and I’m using the Australis Creme Cheek Color with a Sigma synthetic blush brush. What you do is you take the blush and and then get some product on the brush and then press the color in stippling motions onto your cheek. The color payoff is great and it gives a really nice and natural glow. Make sure you do this before you apply your powder.

Step 5: Apply your powder. It’s always important to set your liquid foundation with a good powder. My current favourite is the Australis Fresh & Flawless powder. It’s very similar to the MAC MSF Natural, tons cheaper, and does a great job. With three color ranges, they really need to work on a more vaired base. I’m an NC 30 and I’m using the darkest color already.

Step 6: Contour! I never skip this step because it shapes my face. Who wouldn’t want a more sculpted face? I’m using the Rimmel bronzer and it’s pretty good. It should be finer but it does the job.

Step 7: Eventhough I applied blush before, I like to put a bit more blush to the mix anyway so I put on my powder blush. Loving the Maybelline Expertwear Blush in Brick Rose so far. Got this at the DFO on Spencer Street at Cosmetics Fragrances Direct for such a bargain. Can’t wait to do my haul post from there!

and there you have it! My updated makeup routine for Face.

Stay tuned to my next post for the eyes!

How long does it take you to do your makeup in the morning?