Nude vs. BOLD Lips. M.A.C Dark Side and M.A.C Shy Girl Swatched!

Hey Everyone!

If you take two lipsticks and two different people, you’ll have four different looks, not two. Why? Because makeup looks different on different people.

Today, I’ve grabbed one of my best friends, Danielle, to show you what I mean. We decided well not really decided, it was sort of on a whim, like all the things we do, and we thought it would be cool to reach out of our comfort zones to try on different lipsticks. Although we are pretty similiar people except I think she’s more of a social butterfly than I am, you’ll notice that she’s a cooler tone and her lips are totally different from mine. We’ll take the same lipstick and switch it up to compare nude versus bold lips.

This is us with our natural lip color. I honestly prefer my natural lip color more than any other lip color and that’s probably why i’m not much of a lip fan but Danielle always seems to have to always put something on. She loves keeping her lips nude so taking these pictures made her pretty uncomfortable and resulted in “deleting sessions” of pictures she thought she looked bad in every five or so minutes. I was just shaking my head in a corner. She’s probably going to kill me for putting up that cover picture.

Who are today’s culprits? For nude lips, we decided not to go too pale or too mask like, and went for a nicer semi-nude MAC lipstick in Shy Girl. As for bold lips, we went for the amplified Dark Side. It’s the boldest lipstick I have.

So here we go. Danielle first puts on the bold lipstick, laughing all the way because she thinks she looks utterly ridiculous in such a bold color. All the while I’m telling her that she doesn’t always have to go nude!

And then I start to put on my “nude” lipstick. I’m not really a fan of nude lipsticks. I feel like they make you look too pale, or me at least. I want something that emphasizes my lips, not exactly makes them dissapear.

With any bold lipstick, not using a lip brush, means the lipstick is for sure probably going to go out of the lines a bit. You’re supposed to also use a lip liner in dark bold lipstick cases because “bleeding” might occur. Not actual bleeding but as the day goes on, the lipstick might bleed out of the lines and that’s not hot. Here, it’s for “play” purposes. We were going to take it off anyway so we decided to skip the liner.

I added a gloss because I haven’t used my MAC lip glass in ages, in Young Thing, so I applied it over the shy girl coat.

And there we have it. You can see that bold lips really make your teeth look whiter while nude lips give that soft, angelic and seemingly innocent demeanor. I honestly think it really looks nice on Danielle! Her full lip shape really does the shade justice.

We then decided to switch lip shades to see how different the two colors would look like on each other.

To take off the lipstick, I just used a Simple Eye Makeup Remover. I know it’s for eyes but it’s not like we’re eating it. It removed it really well without the oil that most makeup removers seem to have.

And there we have it. I have thinner lips so it really looks like the bold lips just line my lips. That’s Danielle’s signature look with her nude lips! I also think that Dark Side as a lipstick looks better on cooler skintones so Danielle pulls it off really well. I think I shall just stick to my natural lip color!

I hope you enjoyed this “semi-pointless” post but nonetheless it was fun for us to do!

What lip color do you think you look best in?



  • feistyskies

    I’m more of a mauve-y kinda girl but I do switch up my lippies though! My favourite is the Revlon ColorBurst in Blush. :)

  • roseannetangrs

    ooo Revlon Colorburst sounds good, is it really moisturizing?

  • MakeYuUp

    Haha this is such a cute post! You look really nice with nude lips, but I’ve got to agree your natural lip colour’s gorgeous :) Your friend pulls off the dark lippie so well! I’ve been a nude girl but have started branching out.. it’s lots of fun :)

  • OhSoSmitho


  • KawaiiFreakxXx

    Gorgeous! You both look lovely :) I’m definitely a shy girl I can’t pull of dark colours~

  • amyrleex

    I love nude lips too, reading this post makes me braver to try different lip colours, who knows it might turn out good! :) btw, I love Danielle’s eyebrows, so neatly groomed! Does she uses pencil or brow mascara?

  • Syidah Elise

    weirdly, I find more comfort in using bolder lippies! nude lipsticks make me look pale and I’m still in search for the perfect nude lipstick that compliments my skin tone – none so far :( you look pretty with the nude lips, dear! makes your lips look plump and full ;) sexayyy. the bold red lippie only emphasize the thinness of the lips. I have slightly thin lips too! So using a lip liner for me is a must if I wanna wear red lippies.

  • Adeline.Er

    ShyGirl is one of my all time favourites!!!! I am more of a nude/peachy lips person, especially for work but I do like to add a dash of colour with bold lips during the weekend or a night out after work. :)

  • roseannetangrs

    @MakeYuUp: aw thanks dear, yes it’s always fun to branch out and experiment what looks good on you :)

    @OhsoSmtho: thank you!

    @KawaiiFreakxXx: Thanks haha, I’m not one to pull of dark colors either!

    @amyrleex: Yes, who knows right! Does’t hurt to try :) Danielle uses a brow powder and comes through with that, I don’t think she uses a specific gel mascara though but I’ll ask her and let you know ;)

    @Syidah Elise: haha that’s what I think as well, I’m not one to do pale lips either but everyone says I look pretty good in it haha. Yes, darker lips only emphasizes the thinness of my lips :p

    @Adeline.Er: Yeah Shy Girl is a beautiful color! If I were to add a bold color, I would just lightly pat it on my lips for a stain effect, not go full on :p

  • farrahdiba

    i think both of you look gorgeous in the dark lip, but then again i’m a big fan of the bold lip.. i tend towards the burgundy shades :P

  • roseannetangrs

    thanks dear! oo burgundy shades are pretty!

  • Cendana K

    I think both of you pull off that dark lips really gorgeously!! Might be a shade I could look into =) (though it might be too strong during the day). Nude is more wearable during the day, I reckon… Oh and you do look fine with the nude lips, Roseanne haha… I like my natural lip color myself and tend to either tone it down or just stick with similar shade for a “my lips but better” effect. My friend have asked me before “what lipstick are you wearing” but at that time I was only wearing lip balm! It was my natural lip color! Yay! Hahaha…

    This is such a fun post to read! ^__^ love these sorts of posts hehehe

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  • Rinny's Beauty Diary

    I think both shades look beautiful on the both of you. I have a hard time finding a nude shade that won’t wash me out though – guess I’ll have to keep looking haha :)

  • Ct Kathy

    I don’t know which color looks best on me but I personally prefer nude color cause I am not BOLD enough to wear bold shades on my lips.. Too daring , don’t you think?? Well, for me at least… :) Btw, I had a great time reading this post. Thanks!
    P.S My dad just scolded me when he read the title of this post cause he thinks that I am reading something about nudity… ( naked people) Haha!!! LOLs! :)

  • roseannetangrs

    @Cendana: yeah haha natural lip shades for the win and i’ll for sure checkout your giveaway hun!

    @Rinny’s Beauty Diary: thank you! yeah, shy girl doesn’t wash out as much as other lippies like Myth haha.

    @Ct Kathy: hahaha your dad is hilarious! and I’m glad you enjoyed it love :)

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  • Amber

    I think both of you are beautiful with dark lipstick :D

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