Tutorial: How to get my Signature Look ft. NARS Cordura Eyeshadow Duo

Hey Everyone,

I’m a person who loves wearing the same thing over and over again. I’ll wear my plaid blue forever 21 shirt with my denim shorts every sunday no matter what my mother says. So, when it comes to having a signature look, I’m probably known more for my brown smokey eyes. Smokey eyes always seem to make your eyes multitudes larger and it’s a look I like sporting during day or night.  in particular is a smokey brown that I achieve with probably one of my most loved products – the NARS Cordura Eyeshadow duo. In honour of this wonderful duo, I have done a tutorial on achieving my well “signature look”  – a look you’ll always see me wear regardless of the occasion and a look I can always fall back on. Hot dates included.

First of all, let’s turn on the spotlight and roll out the red carpet for the NARS Cordura eye-shadow duo. I love NARS duos even though I only have two – one in Eurydice and the other in Cordura – both make spectacular colour combinations. I firmly believe that NARS has put much time and effort into making effortless combinations with high quality shadows. This one especially makes a gorgeous smokey eye that I haven’t stopped loving since day one.

The only brush I’ll use today is the MAC 224, or any fluffy blending brush will do – even $1 ones at local shops. Unless you want a more pigmented approach, I don’t necessarily need to pack on color. Even then, these shadows are so pigmented that it doesn’t really matter.

Let’s be honest. This is going to be such a no brainer tutorial (borderline pointless) and I think it’s why it’s my signature look. I spend possibly 5-6 minutes putting on my make-up everyday and getting a set and really easy eye that looks good on you is uber important.

Step 1: Place the lighter brown all over the lid with your blending brush. Yep.

Step 2: Place the darker brown onto your outer V in dabbing motions and blend slightly into the crease. Blend with the side of the blending brush to create a more flawless finish

Step 3: Line your lids, waterline and tightline. Right now, I’m loving the KATE super sharp liner or any liquid pen liner for that matter. For the waterline and tightline, I’m using the Urban Decay 24/7 liner but I find that the MAC technakohl in Graphblack does really well as well.

Step 4: Apply Mascara. For drugstore, the Covergirl lashblast pictured here is amazing and I also like the Loreal Collagen Mascara once it has dried out a bit. For department store, the Benefit Bad Gal Lash is good as well!

and you are done with the eyes! See how absolutley amazingly easy that was! Yeah.

I then finish off by defining my brows. I love the YSL brow pencil for that. For cheeks, I contour with the Hoola by Benefit Bronzer and finish off with a light pink shade like one of my favourites, the NARS Deep Throat. Lately, I’ve been into NARS Torrid. I should totally do a NARS collection! It’s growing in fact when it really shouldn’t be. Oh well, the life of a makeup addict. I usually never wear anything on the lips but when I do, it’s either the Chanel Rouge Allure in Darling or the Chanel Rouge allure in Super patted lightly. For foundation, I pretty much only use right now the Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Mineral Makeup – I find that it does wonders for my skin.

Well, I hope you liked this no-brainer tutorial!

What’s your signature look like?

Love, Roseanne


  • Runwaytoparis

    Amazing eyes!
    Love the eyes look.

  • AutumnCandy

    Pretty. Basic eyes always looks the best. :)

    Unlike most girls who would have neutrals and browns as their signature look mine is actually teal. I’ve always love teal colours and that has been my signature color since 18.

  • eclecticsatire

    Beautiful look, shall try it soon. :)

    I don’t have a signature look. I prefer to rotate my makeup as much as possible because I have hoarded wayyy too much over the past few yrs. >.< LOL! Looking forward to your entry about your NARS collection. :)

  • Cendana K

    Classic smokey eye look ^^ I likey!!
    hmm… got me thinking that the 1 tool I can do my eye with would have to be this Ecotools Eye Shading brush which I have to check what number it is hahaha…
    And… My signature look focuses more on contoured cheeks…and highlighting… and eyeliner on upper lashline to define the eyes… and bronzer on my eyelids instead of eyeshadows.

    This is a great post!!

  • Charming Vanity

    Simple yet stunning! Great tutorial…I gotta agree that NARS really did a good job putting those 2 colors into the same duo..

  • zandre

    wow! I really love this look, and so easy too (: I’m definitely going to give a go once i’ve washed my brushes

  • TammyGirl

    Love this look! I like a thin liquid liner under the eye blended with a dark drown shadow. In the corners I put a gold shimmer and on the top lids, I brush a dark charcoal/gray shadow. And of course I top the look of with mascara!
    I really like the color palette you chose in this tutorial. Really nice!

  • roseannetangrs

    @Runwaytoparis: thank you!
    @AutumnCandy: oo teal always makes a really pretty statement :) thanks for sharing your signature look babe :)
    @ eclecticsatire: haha same here! I should rotate stuff but in the morning I just want to get going so I always end up doing the same thing ;p and hehe NARS collection will take ages but it’ll be fun :)
    @CendanaK I love ecotools! I used to use two brushes but I’m so lazy now so I just use one and it does the same thing haha. Cool! gonna try bronzer on my eyes too! Thanks hun!
    @CharmingVanity: Thank you! Yes, I love their Duos! but find that some of them are too over the top for me. Eurydice is another one I love! Might do a really simple night look with that!
    @zandre: thank you! I need to wash mine haha!
    @TammyGirl: Thank you! ooo gold shimmer would look amazing and thanks again hun :)

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