Review: Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner

Hey Everyone!

It’s mah birthday! So I thought I might blog today. It’s raining though – like the kind of rain that stays for the entire day. Oh man, should have probably blogged about something more fun like what I want to be like in another 20 years or something but instead I decided to give you a review of the Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner.

This has been totally raved – like a total rave party gone wild. It’s one of Bobbi Brown’s best-sellers and was a product I wanted to get my hands on for quite a while until gave them to me to review for y’all.  (Score!) This my 100% true opinion.  Let’s go!

Bobbi Brown’s standard liners are a plenty but probably the best two selling colors are the sepia ink and the black ink. Pictured here below is the black ink – the standard black, great for any look really.

The next shade is the Sepia Ink which is a dark brown – pleasant for neutral eyes. There’s a current trend of brown liners and mascaras. I personally don’t look good in brown long wear gel eyeliners because I need to bring on the bold to accentuate my smaller eyes. Nonetheless, they both carry the same consistency and texture but just only vary in shade. The packaging is cute with a matte black cover on a glass jar. Standard liner that doesn’t come with the brush.

Saying that, you’ll need to get your own brush for this recipe. Many like to use the angled liner brush for this but I love using the fine tip synthetic. This is the MAC 209 brush but any will do. Even going to your local shops to find $1 brushes would do really. Make sure the tip is not too thin but rather substantial to pick up enough of the product. It’s not liquid so make sure your brush isn’t floppy.

Let’s start with a “bare” canvas. This is me without liner on but with my standard eye-shadow. And..yes I do have the face done too. Tehe.

You really don’t need a lot of the product to go a long way. One thing i noticed about this stuff was that it’s not as creamy as the MAC blacktrack in that when you swipe the product with your brush, it doesn’t really dip down but swipes upon the surface, still picking up the product you need. It’s nice to save more for your buck and it won’t get as messy when you apply it.

Then apply the liner by starting from the inner corner. I always like to wing mine out.

The line is pigmented and goes on very nicely and smoothly. No complaints there.

Now what about the lasting finish? Pretty good. It lasts a great deal of time and doesn’t smudge in 8 hours. It stays pigmented.

Final Verdict? It’s not utterly amazing like it was created from the elixir of life or something. It’s comparable to any other gel liner I’ve used. It does the job. Honestly though, I don’t like using an additional step with the brush but that’s not the products fault, that’s just my preference. Gel liners don’t create as fine a tip or job as liquid pencil liners but it’s more controllable and is great for anyone staring out because it gets an A in pigmentation and ease of application. Honestly, you can get it cheaper and you don’t have to buy this. It really depends on you. It’s good but there are substitutes unless you are a raving Bobbi Brown fan like I’m becoming.

On a more personal note!

Yes it’s mah birthday. Haha. I am not rubbing it in, I’m just documenting my transition into becoming an actual adult although a lot of people think I’m a lot older and they get a little shock when I tell them my actual age. I’m 20. I wonder if anything miraculous happens like the scene from swan princess when the swan turns into Odette. I’m hoping not because that looks painful, but I hope that being 20 will bring on great things. Don’t we all. Although the weather today isn’t much telling me that it will, I hope it will. What am I saying? I mean what are you supposed to say in birthday messages like these haha. Oh well, I shall go now.




  • MissJology

    happy birthday babe!! hope to see u soon! ^^

  • AutumnCandy

    Happy Birthday~!

  • amyrleex

    Hapi bday!!! ;)

  • She Shops Makeup

    Happy Birthday girl! Wow! you are over a decade my junior.. Enjoy the 20s.. They were the best times of my life!

  • beautyprincess

    Seems like a great gel liner! Happy B’day!

  • FashionGaga7

    Happy Birthday!!! have you tried MAC’s blacktrack fluidline liner gel?

  • Anna Haywire

    Happy belated birthday! Sorry for the late wish!

  • icyabstract

    Happy Birthday! I know what it’s like to finally step out of being a teenager (in terms of age numbers). Well, welcome to the club! :D haha.

  • TommyGirl

    Happy birthday!!!
    I love gel eyeliner. it doesn’t smudge or get clumb by the eye lids. I use maybelline. Lovely post and very lovely blog!

  • irah23

    happy birthday^_^

  • Layla88

    Aww u sound so bubbly in this post- happy birthday! And welcome on board to the twenties train lol Also your hair looks lovely here. Best wishes n hope u have an amazing year!

  • Rachel C

    Love this review – but I bought and used this product for a while and it dried out so quickly!! Was not worth the high price for how fast it dried out.

  • roseannetangrs

    Thanks everyone!!

    and that’s true Rachel C, might not be worth such a high price :(

  • Elledark

    Love the review! The step by step deal was cool… I’m glad I read this I’ll stay away from it and try MAC instead..thx!

  • DreamMUA

    I love that eyeliner!! thank you for this review

  • roseannetangrs

    glad i was able to help out loves :)

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