roseannetangrs review: Rachel K Cosmetics Color Control Blemish Balm (Rachel K CC Cream)! & How To Apply BB Cream!


Hey Everyone,

I admit that I’ve been reviewing BB products quite frequently of late but I have to say that they’re really interesting. They are a foundation, a make-up base and a cream that goes on as light as a feather. However, not many people celebrate these often “walk-past, and don’t look back” products. Nor do they know how to apply them. In this review, I’ll be giving my own thoughts after a good trial period of a new baby in the market by Rachel K, the Rachel K Color Control Blemish Balm with a tutorial showing you how to apply bb creams in general.

The Founder and Director of Rachel K is Rachel Kum, Miss Singapore 2009, a stunningly beautiful woman who is very kind, determined and a hardworking entrepreneur who was also featured in Urban Straits Times Power Women. In August 2010, she developed Rachel K, a mineral makeup line thats suitable for all skin types and even highly applauded by Zing, a well-known makeup artist in Hong Kong, with clients such as Zhang Zi Yi and Karen Mok! Her products are selling in Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and Germany  in selected outlets. When Rachel herself kindly asked me to do a review of one of her main products, I couldn’t help but say yes!

So, What Does it Do?

Here are the product claims, we’ll see if they live up to expectations later on:

1. Revises dull skin tone and lighter texture gives a smoother, radiant yet non-oily finish

2. Brings out a youthful glow in skin, making it clean, soft and supple

3. Natural mineral ingredients do not damage or irritate skin

Basically, it’s a refined BB cream with not only a lighter texture but also with extra skincare benefits such as White Tea extracts (known for antibacterial, sunblock and cancer-fighting properties), Aloe Leaf Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, Lecithin, Hyaluronic acid (for moisturising properties) and Vitamin E and C.


Packaging wise, the product is in a black tube which is suitable for the use of the product. To use the product, only a pea sized amount is actually needed for your whole face, sort of the amount you would use as a primer, and the bottle is perfect for getting that amount out. In no means would you use this product as a regular foundation. Spreading it thick on your skin will not get you anywhere. The packaging is cute –  it somehow reminds me a bit of Majolica Majorca but is definitely unique it it’s own way. A refreshing respite from the usual pink.

The product goes out quite thick and quite light. A bit scary for a yellow-toned person like me, but if applied correctly, this worry is soon forgotten.

Let’s Put this on & How To Apply BB Creams:

Step 1: I know this is weird but my friend from Hong Kong watched me apply previous bb creams and nearly brought the house down. What you actually do with bb creams is you apply a very light layer, and treat it not like makeup, but as a skincare product. This way, your first step should be to squeeze just a little bit on the back of your hand and dot the product all over your face, lightly and well quite randomly. Have fun looking like a polka-dot fabric!

Step 2: Quickly and gently pat the product into your skin. It’s a little like stippling your foundation with a stippling brush but you’re using your fingers this time. Pat with three fingers at a time just to quicken the process. WIth the Rachel K BB Cream, I really like how matte feeling the BB cream is after I’ve patted everything in. It feels super smooth and light, as if I’m not wearing anything at all. However, the color tone, as most BB creams do, makes me a tad bit heartbroken.

Step 3:
 Like all foundations or makeup bases, if you have blemishes, then you would apply a concealer and a powder overtop. For concealer I’m using the MAC Studio Finish Concealer and for powder, I’ve opted to use the Rachel K Mineral Color Control BB Press Powder. I have to say this is an amazing powder with great coverage and a really nice smooth finish!

If you’d like more coverage, you can use the sponge provided and pat gently the powder onto the skin. If not, you can roll like I do and use a fluffy powder brush. Yes, I’m testing out Sigma brushes too. It’s quite flawless, but my pores do need a tad bit of help.

This is another product I’ve been using daily. It’s the lip plumpers from Rachel K too. They’re super smooth and buttery when applied. I have to say though that you can feel them on the lips and they do get a tad tacky after a few hours. It’s normal for a lipgloss though. The best thing I like about it is the color in Suggestive. It’s such a beautiful bold pink/red that looks super pretty.

And you are finished! Don’t apply this like a tinted moisturiser or a foundation. It’ll make you look cakey! So did this product live up to it’s name? We’ll have to see.

Does This BB Cream Live Up to it’s Name?

1. Revises Dull SkinTone and lighter texture gives a smoother, radiant yet non-oily finish?

Yes, it definitely helped with red spots and I have to say I did look more “radiant’ after I applied the BB Cream. One of the things I love about this product is that it doesn’t look oily and greasy at all after application like other BB creams I have tried. It really dries to a matte, almost powder finish like you see in the photos and is awesome for oily/combo skin people like me. When you pat the BB cream onto the skin, it really blends away as if it was never there. Just the coverage remains. Excellent!

2. Brings out a Youthful Glow in Skin, making it clean, soft and supple

Yep! Definitely soft and supple. It’s really like my skin just more flawless and radiant. The main thing I love about it is that I’m getting the same coverage as a mineral foundation but I’m really putting a lot less on. I’m getting pretty much the same finish as you see in the photos but I’ve only applied like a two pea sizes of product onto my face. It’s smooth, not oily at all, and is such a wonderful product to use during the day.

3. Natural Mineral Ingredients do not damage or irritate skin

I haven’t had any breakouts but I have seen my skin glow a little more, no joke after using this daily! It might just be me but I wake up and my skin looks better. I don’t know how to describe it. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m putting “less” on in and in this case, less is really more.


The real test though is if this BB Cream lasts! After six hours, here are the results. There is for sure some fading of the product and I’ve definitely oiled up but I reckon I oil up tons more after six hours with other products. It’s not great, but not bad. Plus, it didn’t say it was long-wearing but I have to say it’s pretty good for a BB cream to look like this after six hours.

How it can improve:

I have to say that I really like this product. It’s refreshing to like something a lot after reviewing so much stuff! The downside is the color. I’m sure Rachel K is already working on this but the color is way too pink based and light for the everyday girl. We need new shades! The press powders are also suitable only for NC30 and below. Other than that, I wouldn’t mind a little more coverage for a BB cream for the nighttime! Fix the colors, but keep the rest. I reckon something on the packaging should say how to use this bb cream to the best of its potential like the tutorial above as well! I can imagine people just smearing it on their faces wondering what to do next!

And there we have it! A great BB cream finally but it just needs to work on the colors! This product is currently sold at Watsons Stores in Singapore!




  • Anonymous

    hey! just wondering, ur a mac shade in wat? i am a nc25 do you think id suit the pressed powder in fair or medium??? thanks!

  • roseannetangrs

    Hi dear! Possibly in medium, especially if you’re using the bb cream as it is a bit light. I’m an NC30 and I’m using “deep” because the bb cream is a tad bit light on me. :)

  • gwenned

    i tried the bb cream, but i was really disappointed in it :(
    it made my face oilier den usual, and wasnt a good mix with the powder IMO.
    the powder, is AMAZING though! i used it with the Revlon colorstay liquid foundie and it was the best match :)

  • roseannetangrs

    @gwenned: Oh! Did you apply it the way I applied it in the tutorial above? Might help you out :) xx

  • Tiffo

    Your skin looks so nice and radiant! & You look beautiful as always (:
    Thanks for the application tip. I just recently began using the Skin79 Hot Pink version but it’s a tad bit too light for me too. I’m around NC 30-35 I believe. :(

  • roseannetangrs

    Thanks dear! yeah the skin79 ones can be a tad light! they should color correct though, if not, try using less of the product or you can apply a dusting of bronzer after you’ve set with a powder :)

  • ustylea

    PS:I’m following you on bloglovin’

  • Princess Jae

    You look so pretty ! OMGOSH girl, hurry up and sign up for modeling =P

  • jojo2739

    BB cream is the easiest way to achieve flawless skin! However they are quite difficult to find outside Asia. So I’ve decided to stock them us once I go back :)

  • roseannetangrs

    @ustylea: Hi! It’s SGD$35 :)
    @Princess Jae: Aw you are soo sweet! Thank you :)
    @jojo2739: good idea! :)

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  • Lynne

    Do you know where I can purchase this online?

  • Lynne

    Do you know where I can purchase this product online?
    Lynne recently posted..PhotoMy Profile

    • roseannetangrs (author)

      It’s only sold in Singapore and Hong Kong currently, not sure if it’s avail online!

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  • Tana

    Hi, thank you for your detailed review of Rachel k cc cream. I have a question about the difference between that and the oriental gold bb cream. I use oriental gold now but because it has whitening it started out perfect but is now to dark. I know this is not a common problem but it is to dark for me even before it oxidizes. I love my bb cream’s finish and texture … I just need the lightest pink based quality. Bb cream out there. I don’thave use foundation but if I did it would be nw10 or something like that since nw15 is a tad dark. Please, will Rachel k be light enough for me… and if not do you have any recommendations? Thank you!

    • roseannetangrs (author)

      Hey Tana,

      The Rachel K original should be fine for you, it’s quite light!

  • ET

    Hello~ THANK YOU for the info! It’s very helpful and informative! Which Rachel K CC cream did you use? original or Neutral? Apprantly I can buy this product straight from their website now. But not sure which color to get. I’m fairly a beginner in the whole makeup thing. haha~ so I don’t know my MAC number, but I think my skin color is somewhat similar to yours being an asian too. Thank you so much!

    • ET

      Oh, also, forgot to ask which shade of the powder you used. On their website now, they are offering fair, mediem, and deep. Thanks! :)

    • roseannetangrs (author)

      I know use Neutral because I got a little more tan! I think it will suit you too :) For powder I use Medium :)

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